The Book of Matthew: Adonis

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Heroes come from all walks of life. Matthew Lassiter will learn that lesson in many ways. At a crossroads, he wonders if being a high school coach is all there is for him, until…ribs, peach cobbler and Leah Saxton walks into his life.

Leah Saxton has a father who believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and having babies. According to him, a brain is a terrible waste in a woman. Determined not to bow to his or any man’s will, she constantly battles to be a force in her father’s world, until…Matthew Lassiter walks into her life.

Sexual tension explodes from the first kiss to the last as the two learn the road they are traveling leads to their destiny.

Adonis: An everyday hero with an impressive punch.


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17 reviews for The Book of Matthew: Adonis

  1. Cinquetta Worrell-Young (verified owner)

    So I stayed home from work today to read Adonis!! Let me say this book has had me on a full emotional roller coaster this morning!! I have laughed, cried, screamed out oh hell naw, yessssss, omg and and you the man Matt!! Lawd when I tell you this book is nothing short of amazing and that is was well worth the vacation day I used probably would be an understatement!! Thank you sooooooo much Iris Bolling for never disappointing me!

  2. Martha Ruff (verified owner)

    This book had me laughing out loud within the first 3 pages with the antics of Joshua and Adam!!!
    Adonis was everything I come to expect from Iris and like always she NEVER DISAPPOINTS or half step with her writing. I was so happy catch up with all of the Gems and Gents, as well as all of my favorite characters from The Heart Series.
    I’m really looking forward to reading what this very talented author has in store for us next!!!

  3. Toni Bonita (verified owner)

    Was it good? Hell Yes!
    Were there surprises? Hell Yes
    Did I want to slap some one? Yes
    Did it cause me to laugh, cry, and cuss? Yes
    I am in awe of the way characters were weaved into the story only to leave me wondering what next. Ending was a total surprise., just going to wait not so patiently to see where it’s going.

  4. Toni Bonita Robinson (verified owner)

    Was it good? Hell Yes!
    Were there surprises? Hell Yes
    Did I want to slap some one? Yes
    Did it cause me to laugh, cry, and cuss? Yes
    I am in awe of the way characters were weaved into the story only to leave me wondering what next. Ending was a total surprise., just going to wait not so patiently to see where it’s going.

  5. MidnightAce Book Bar (verified owner)

    I can always count on Iris Bolling to give me a memorable read.

    Now these Lassiter’s are a very unique family unit and we’ve had interactions with quite of few of these siblings, but I am sure we can all agree that Matt aka Adonis is what I’m going to call a “Quiet Storm”!! He represents that a regular joe can indeed be an impressive hero!

    If you follow the Lassiter and Heart series you might be subject to do some match making, but you have to admit you didn’t see this one coming. Leah, was spot one match for this unique Lassiter.

    When comes to explosive scenes this one comes to mind; Matt states “Let’s get this first one out of the way” and the actions that followed, I was pretty sure the temperature elevated in the space I was occupying????

    Favorite piece of wisdom; Joe tells Matt “Don’t ever measure your contributions to this life against others, especially your brothers and sisters. Their path is for them to follow. Your path is for You.”??

    I recommend this title for your reading pleasure, you will find it is well worth the time.

  6. Jesssica Morgan (verified owner)

    Oh wow, it was great catching up on the Gems and Gents. I love Matt story. Even when you think what you are doing is nothing, someone else think different. The ending blew me away, can’t wait hear from Jade and Luke.

  7. Chelece Williams (verified owner)

    The Queen of the Palace doesn’t again with writing a compelling story about family, friendship, love and unwavering support. Sally & Joe are the best parents who loves their children, in-laws & grandchildren. Matt” Adonis” touched my heart ❤️! You felt his pain and uncertainty. Sally and Joe came to the rescue to minister to their son individually and it paid off. Leah was smitten and bitten by a Lassiter man especially with those grey sweat pants ?! I cant wait to read about Luke and Jade. I pray Iris is in the dungeon working on a new book about MAC & Blayne.

  8. Tee McLeod (verified owner)

    OMG…THIS LIVED UP TO THE HYPE…This author can weave a story…I have loved this family from the beginning..Adonis was all that…Loving…protective..supportive…whew…all this…Joshua is and has always been over the top…love him…can’t wait to see what’s next…

  9. Antoinette Gates (verified owner)

    Matthew and Leah are bursting into flames on the pages of The Book of Matthew:Adonis. Chemistry, love and kindness flow like honey from a honeycomb in this love story. I enjoyed immensely the different aspects of community, teaching, family, and educational achievement Iris Bolling brought out in each character. She never never fails to bring the drama and humor in her novels. Five stars for winning read.

  10. Sharon Eatmon-Roland (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Iris Bolling never fails to bring the laughs and the drama. Just when you think you’ve found your book hero, here comes Matthew Adonis Lassiter. He was all that and then some. Strong, caring and protective. He was everything that Leah needed and their chemistry was ?. This story had me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it. As always it’s good to catch up with all the rest of the family and friends. I recommend this story and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  11. GWENDOLYN FOSTER-STEEN (verified owner)

    I so enjoyed this story. My favorite had been Joshua, up until Matthew’s book came out. I’m partial to him, because I too, am a “TEACHER”

    I’m in love with Matthew!

    Loved this man and that his main purpose was to proctect, nourish, encourage, and educate those young minds.

    The “money” was not an issue (even though he had access to it if needed). He questioned his own worth, and realized you didn’t need $ and world wide recognition, to make a difference.

    My Matthew, went after who he wanted instantly and is a protector (students & his woman). I’m loving how he let Leah’s dad know that the physical and emotional abuse has come to an end. Now that, was sexy. I want more of him.

    Thank you Miss Iris. This one was me in two ways, cause “I believe in love at first sight” and “I am a teacher as well.”

    Continue writing your masterpieces and I will continue to read. My support and love is always to Black authors. ♥️

  12. Cathy K

    Iris has yet again given her readers a great read while addressing social issues that is serious in our community today and that is our education system and the need for great educators that do it for the love and the hope that they will make a difference in a child’s life that will help guide them to their fullest potential. with the limited resources that is spent on our kids. and give us a funny, loving update on one our favorite families the Lassiters and their friends.

  13. Cynthia Medley (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed this author’s G.E.M.S. and Gents series. Like most folks Joshua was a fan favorite because he was just the! But, you have to watch the quiet and observant ones! I loved Matthew. I loved that he was your everyday hero and changing lives as a teacher. I love how his family supported him, have him words of wisdom with encouraging! They knew he was special! He and Leah together were FIRE! When you know, you just know! I am intrigued about what Luke has going on and hoping he gets with the good principal! Can’t wait for what’s next!

  14. Donna Scoggins

    I love a hero who does his job, is caring, strong, and doesn’t take any mess! Matt is all that and more! Love his family and getting to know Leah! The setting being a school brings to light the sacrifices teachers make for their students!

  15. Ursula Williams

    Let me just say I’m a huge fan of the Lassiter family. Phire is my favorite….I’m just saying lol. This book had me rolling with laughter and crying tears when the Lassiters rallied around Leah in her time of need. I cannot wait to see what Luke is into.

  16. Shirley Jones (verified owner)

    Another extraordinary read!
    Iris Bolling, I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  17. JigsawGirl (verified owner)

    LOVED this book. One of the main things I loved was all of the positivity. This is not something so many children of color get to experience.

    I never expected Matt and Leah to have a love at first sight experience. Somehow it worked. It felt stronger than instalove or instalove. It made me feel glad that they found one another.

    We did get to read about all of the Lassiter’s including a brief moment with Jade. This book didn’t have the same level of political intrigue and suspense as some of the other books, but it was absolutely a feel good book. I only wish the book had been longer.

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