The Book of Joshua II – Believe

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While in another country, CIA Operative Joshua Lassiter uncovers a plot targeting the current president of the United States. His loyalty to the country that betrayed him in the past comes to the forefront as he takes action to prevent the treasonous act. He is injured during the course of the mission and now must trust the new administration will rescue him.

In-active CIA Operative known only as ROC is called back into duty by the White House. Her mission is two-fold. Bring Joshua Lassiter home, alive. Restore him to the number one weapon in the United States covert arsenal.

The mission plunges the two into danger and uncertainty as the plot revels it is the United States military trying to prevent them from reaching the President, by any means necessary.

Who do they TRUST? ——- Who do they BELIEVE?


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1 review for The Book of Joshua II – Believe

  1. Martha Spearman Ruff

    Joshua Absolute Lassiter is back but this time he needs to be rescued from an unknown enemy of the US and made whole again.
    This is where Roc comes in… she not only heals his body but also his heart, in return he gives her The”Absolute” experience!!!

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