A Piece of Her Heart

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Monique Day, a clandestine agent with the CIA is assigned a case that appeared to be singular in nature and simple. She successfully completes the mission only to find another similar case is waiting for her when she gets home. As it turns out, someone is targeting relatives of the current administration. The next target is Grayson Davenport, brother of the Director of Homeland Security.

As a clandestine member of the Department of Homeland Security, Grayson Davenport from time to time uses his position as Director of the Davenport Foundation as a perfect front for assignments amongst the rich and powerful people he socializes with. His current mission is to uncover information regarding a conspiracy against the administration. To his surprise he finds himself a target of the conspiracy. The person assigned to protect him is a woman.

The moment they meet the heat between Grayson and Monique is instantaneous. Sparks fly causing them both to lose track of their mission. Monique knew this pretty man could never handle a woman like her. Just as Grayson knew this woman could not hold an intelligent conversation with him. Neither understood their reaction to each other, or the danger that had entered their lives. Now, Grayson and Monique must fight forces who are attempting to destroy the current administration, together. While Grayson is protecting her, Monique is protecting her heart from him.

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9 reviews for A Piece of Her Heart

  1. Toni Bonita (verified owner)

    What do I say, where do I start? A Piece of Her Heart had me spellbound from start to finish. The character interaction was played out like a movie, reading I heard the fear, anger, and excitement in the voices. Love and family dynamics carried throughout the story. Smoothly done Iris.

  2. Velva Seay (Josie Scott) (verified owner)

    Iris was right this book was faced paced and hot and Spicy. I loved the action and sexiness. Monique as we all know is not to be played with. I liked her sister and loved the new things we learned and the things that were cleared up and the things that were put in place to be solved and put to an end in Hearts United. I really enjoyed the love overdue meeting of the minds between Brian and Gavin. Looking forward to Hearts United. Another excellent job Iris Bolling and the crew.

  3. Nicole Walker (verified owner)

    This was worth the wait. I love the detail that was out into this book. Makes you question what’s really going on with this presidency. I didn’t know if Monique would come around to Sasha but she grew on Monique. The Heart series gets better every time. Great job! #fanforlife

  4. MidnightAce Book Bar (verified owner)

    Review: ?????

    The long-awaited book of Monique “Spicy” Day has finally landed in our hands. It seems some of us may be surprised by her loved interest, a great match no the less. Now, the test is will she be able to protect her heart with the same tenacity that she protects her country!

    In A Piece of her Heart, the author does a great job of tying up loose ends as she prepares for the final installment of the Heart Series. In true Iris Bolling fashion, though her words, she has a natural way of not missing an opportunity to give us teaching moments, especially our country’s state of affairs. I encourage you to savory this one, it has all your favorites; explosive emotions, steamy moments, action, romance, family and political drama.

    I can’t help but think she has something else in store for some of these characters.

  5. Sharon Eatmon-Roland (verified owner)

    This story was well worth the wait. Questions were answered, bonds were made and plots were being uncovered. I can’t wait to see how this all comes together. Great read!

  6. J. B. Williams (verified owner)

    Monique Day, well worth the wait. Not a minute to catch my breath. Action packed from the start to the last leg lifted up over Grayson’s shoulders. Love so enticing and Hot. Action that had me pumping my fist in the air. Drama with intensity and mystery. These two coming together made for a great read, turning each page to get that next nugget, finding that what you thought was really even more. Undercover and underground, you just didn’t know what was coming next. Iris Bolling gives so much to her characters and their story. Now on to the Last Installment. Highly Recommended!

  7. Vickie G Hicks

    Living it….

  8. MarthaSRuff_97

    Monique and Grayson’s chemistry was off the charts HOT!!! I loved them together.

  9. Linda Dillon

    I finally backtracked and read book 8 of The Heart Series and was not disappointed. Ms. Bolling, once again, you knocked it out of the park. This was another great book to the series. Monique (Spicy) and Grayson (Graywolf) were SMOKING!! Another great pairing.

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