Heart’s United – The Re-Election

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President Jeffrey “JD” Harrison’s day began with an explosion in a small town, that opened the door to a thirty-year-old plot to take over the presidency. It went downhill from there. His Vice President is abandoning the ticket to oppose him in the upcoming election. A plot to tamper with voting machines across the country has come to light, and there is an enemy within the West Wing leading all the chaos.


On the home front, JD’s wife Tracy, the love of his life, is keeping a secret from him. His once predictable son wants to take a gap year before college to travel around the world with his friends. His teenage-daughter is at odds with his wife, and he discovers his three-year-old son has a special gift, that is literally a threat to national security.

Here’s what JD knows for certain…. Turning this country over to people who would do anything to win, will not do. If they go this far to get into power, what will they do once they have it? He must stop it from happening. The integrity of the democracy of the United States is at risk. He took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. If he fails, the experiment known as AMERICA is in danger. He also knows, with all the craziness, his family is his foundation and he will not allow it to crack.

JD throws everything into the mix to ensure, whether he win or lose, the election will leave the country and his family with Hearts United.

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15 reviews for Heart’s United – The Re-Election

  1. Cinquetta Worrell (verified owner)

    Only Iris Bolling can have you crying @ 4% into the book. This well awaited book was nothing short of amazing! Loose ends were tied up and new things were revealed. I am so sad to see this series go but, if it had to end I am so happy it went out with bang! I got everything from seeing my babies grow into young adults to seeing the demise of some of the people I really didn’t like, to watching love happen for some I didn’t think it would happen for. All in all this book is a must read and well worth more than 5 stars.

  2. Kelly Murphy (verified owner)

    Babyyyyyyyyy what a way to end a series. There were sooooo many highs and lows through the story. The maturity of JC is unmatched and he is my absolute favorite. Jazzy had me ready to go in or her behind, Tracy baby you needed to put that foot in her behind. Lil William wowwww. Bri bri is just too sweet and Gabby is going to be something. Gavinnnnn had my heart in his lil hands. How insightful and bright he is.He is also the first one to bring time to tears from his conversation with his Father. I mean the kids stole the story for me. Carolyn was a beautiful bride, I love to see how far she has come. I bet you someone else will think twice before laying hands on her lil sister. . Laveree (spelling) omggg what a man. I mean, really I could go on for days and days about this story. Overall great job Iris

  3. Byrd66 (verified owner)

    A rollercoaster ride of emotions, events and conclusions. Iris,you are a true storyteller. I can always depend on you to bring the passion, heat,humor,love,commitment and epic stoylines!You would think that the end of a series would bethe finality but this just sets us up for what’s to come. And what a journey I know it will be! Thank you!

  4. Falesa (verified owner)

    Bittersweet that the series is ending. But this was a fitting conclusion. I loved
    everything about this story. Watch the
    babies grow up, the adults fall in love.
    Take the ride there something for everyone love, fun, mystery and passion.

  5. Sherrele Goloversic (verified owner)

    Riveting and Nostalgic!Iris Bolling has done it again.

    Hearts United – The Re-Election is a thought
    provoking fictional story induced with our
    current political/cultural climate. It provides the perfect combination of action, suspense,a
    well placed punch, tender moments, sexual
    tension, personal growth, memorable characters
    and a good old fashion family reunion. This is
    one you don’t want to miss!

  6. Takelia (verified owner)

    This could have easily been two books. The twists and turns, the revelations, the coming full circle of the characters we have fallen in love with over the years was an experience. Cannot wait to watch the children and their paths. I feel we may get some surprises on the roles they will play. Only one spoiler, so glad Jasmine’s character developed, I was beginning to not like the child. Thanks Iris can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  7. Velva Seay (Josie Scott) (verified owner)

    I was anxiously waiting for the release of Hearts United: The Reelection and boy was it worth the wait. Iris tied up all the loose ends from this awesome series. It was so good to see everyone doing their part to protect and keep the democracy intact. While the adults in the series achieved their goals, it showed the next generation preparing to make their choices and how to accomplish their futures. The maturity and intelligence and insight of the next generation was mind blowing. It was awesome, the action, the comedic moments, the disposal of the trash and the moments of love, romance and heat was all there. Thank you Iris.

  8. MarthaSRuff_97 (verified owner)

    I’m never disappoint with anything that Mrs. Iris writes, and this series finale is no different. I absolutely loved this book from the beginning until the last word on the last page. Although I’m sad that it’s has come to an end, I’m truly excited to see and read about the Next Generation!!!
    Great job Mrs. Iris, you’re in a
    class of your own!!!

  9. LaShon Hawkes (verified owner)


    Wonderful finale to the series! I thoroughly enjoyed Hearts United – The Re-Election! Iris Bolling has a way of pulling you in from page one. This book not only answered any unanswered questions it gives you a look at what’s to come (so while she says it is the finale to a series, it is also an opening to new series to come).

    There were parts in the book I wanted to snatch someone! I was talking to the characters most of the time and laughing so hard at other times. You will not be able to put it down, I promise. I applaud Ms. Iris for all her hard work, her attention to detail and her dedication to her fans. She also has a way of teaching important lessons in her book and her timing is impeccable with the current election we have going on. If you have not read the series I encourage you to do so. Hats off Iris Bolling! You did it once again!!!!

  10. Carolyn Jackson (verified owner)

    The conclusion to the series was surreal. It was nice to revisit favorite characters and to see the realness in this saga. The political side was masterfully undertaken, along with the dramatics. The children are definitely the future going forward. JC, Calvin Jr, Jazzy, Elliott, and even Little William had my chest poked out with glee. Al and Joshua will always be my favorites. Monique came into her own and blossomed. Tracy and JD will always be relationship goals. Loved this conclusion and the look into the future. Thanks, Iris!

  11. Toni (Mama Toni) (verified owner)

    This is supposed to be the end of the Heart Series, but I saw so many dangling storylines, the second generations of Harrisons, Lassiters, Thompsons, Brooks, and Tuckers are going to be fabulous. Each family had its own set of issues but were there for each other at the drop of a hat. The healing of Tracy’s relationship with her father was very touching. The politics in the story was as if I was watching the news or checking FB daily. Secondary characters played just the right part to have me wondering if I am going to see them again. Typical Iris fashion there were some bombings, murders, and a good cat fight. My favorite line from the story “Mr. President you are, but that does not give you a pass on stupidity”. Another great read Iris.


  12. Alysia (verified owner)

    This book does not disappoint. From the first book in the series to this one, the characters have come full circle. I just hope we get to see them in the Administration. And Phoenix needs her own book. And Genesis crew.

    Also, Jasmine and William are my absolute favorites. Plus the next generation crew, it’s just too much to say without giving away the story.


  13. Sharon Roland (verified owner)

    What a way to end a series. I was not disappointed at all. The story seemed so real. It was good to catch up with all the characters in the series and to see loose ends tied up. I am excited about the next generation.

  14. Antionette Gatez

    Ms. Billing has neatly wrapped and tied-up with a dazzling, shiny,and spectacular bow the final book in the Heart Series. JD’s re-election,his shady VP and family take center stage in this suspense filled action packed novel from the first chapter to the last. Each chapter bring together the team of operatives to insure a successful election for JD and VP Phoenix Lacey. Talk about speaking and writing something into existence. Heart series readers get an opportunity to witness growth, maturity and force of the next generation of Harrison, Brooks,Thompson, and Johnson children. Tucker,Joshua,and Genesis make an explosive appearance in one helluva conclusion to this series. Round of a applause for Queen Pen Boiling for a job very well done! 🖐 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. Cheryl B

    ​Reading “Hearts United: The Re-Election” was bittersweet for me. The Heart series is one of my Top Favorite book series…and I read a lot, so that’s saying something! Iris Bolling has created characters that are well developed and feel authentic. Sitting down to read this final book in this amazing series was like being reunited with old friends. I love the political aspect of the series, but also the romance between the couples and the strong friendships. I cannot say enough about how much I love this book and love this series as a whole. If you have never read this series…do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. You will not be disappointed.

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