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The best cure for a ‘Momma’s boy’ is a Lassiter sister.
The Lassiter Sister
Jade Lassiter, fresh off a prestigious award for public service in journalism, receives an offer she cannot refuse. The life-changing decision leads her away from the security of her family and the footprint of larger-than-life brothers and sisters. Jade makes the decision to follow her passion to dance. The odds of success are against her, but hey, she is a Lassiter, damn it. Lassiter’s can make anything happen… right?
The Momma’s Boy
Blake Thornton. voted the sexiest man alive for three years in a row, is living the life of fame, and fortune, with women from coast to coast at his beck and call. Then he realizes that fame and fortune do not equal happiness. A child star turned adult heartthrob brings its own set of problems. His overbearing mother is willing to take out anyone—anyone who threatens to intervene in her control of her son, especially if their last name happens to be Lassiter.
The Conundrum
The past is threatening to interfere with the future when a dance between Blake and Jade exposes an attraction, they were fighting for ten years. The two open their hearts, their bodies, and their souls to each other. When Blake’s mother finds the two together all hell breaks loose. Several attempts made on Jade’s life cause Blake to think his mother has gone too far.
Can the chemistry between Blake and Jade turn into something more…something that is strong enough to save both of their lives?
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23 reviews for Jade

  1. Peaches

    Jade’s story is simply outstanding!!!
    From the beginning of Jade’s story, it intrigues you and lets you know Lassiters you got problems! And if you’re a fan of Iris Bolling books we know how she can stir up a heapa jeapa of those. Whether it’s from a long-overdue contentious relationship, an intolerable momma, to the crazy. You know she will have all the spectrums covered in just about all of her stories. I love how she has Jade step out of the shadow of her family to follow her dreams away from home. It seems no matter where this Lassiter goes trouble follows. From the head of the family to the baby of the family you will be dealt with. I enjoyed reading how both Jade and Blake have matured to give their love a try among the chaos of it all. Once again Iris Bolliing endears you to her characters to make you want more. And we will always want more Lassiter stories since there’s no other family that can compare to the Gems and Gents.
    Ms.Prissy Parker

  2. MarthaSRuff_97 (verified owner)

    Jade’s book was on and popping from the very first page until the last word on the last page!!!! I literally couldn’t put it down, it was just that good. Blake and Jade have finally matured and are ready to give each other the love of a lifetime. As always there’s plenty of drama and suspense when it comes to those Lassisters, but there’s also plenty of love for family when you visit The Gems and Gents.
    I can’t wait to see what happens with Luke next!!!

  3. Velva Seay (Josie Scott) (verified owner)

    Wow, so where do I begin. Jade is everything and more than I expected. Iris covered so much in this book. So much was going on but you never forgot this was Jade’s story. Man I absolutely loved Sofia getting her comeuppance. It was wonderful catching up with all the Lassiters including the newly introduced ones. Iris you weave a story so well and leave us wanting more. Can’t wait to see what happens in Luke’s story. Thank you so much Iris, until next time. Please don’t let it be too long for Luke.

  4. Carolyn Jackson

    So much fun and excitement in one book. Jade is my new bestie boo, and Blake Thornton was Boo.The store was entertaining and just funny as heck. Sally and Joe are real relationship goals. I knew Momma bear would handle Silly Sofie. Jackson needed to step up before now. I can not wait to see what’s in store. Wow!

  5. Antionette Gates (verified owner)

    Jade lives up to the Lassiter name in more ways than one. She is friendly, fabulous dancer, and
    a fighter in every sense of the word. If you are a Sally fan then Jade is her mini-me. Iris Bolling has done an outstanding job of capturing Blake and Jade’s captivating and intense love story. A ten year old explosive kiss and sleepless nights shoots sparks and body signals soaring with each encounter. If you want family drama on one hundred, intrigue, unknown family discovery, murder and mayhem then Jade is the book for you. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  6. LaShon Hawkes (verified owner)

    Jade’s story is AMAZING!!!!! The cover is eye catching but the story catches you from page 1 and keeps you engrossed throughout. There are answers to unanswered questions, new people to meet new stories to engage in. Jade has a personality of her own; she does not play and does not back down. Jade is beautiful, talented and special in her own way. She is proof that dreams do come true and that she didn’t have to be CIA or on the President’s detail to be a Lassiter. And the cliffhanger leaves you begging for more! Iris Bolling you did it again and you know the question is coming….when it the next installment coming? If you are a true Iris Bolling fan you know how we are on her site or on FaceBook waiting for the new releases, well this one is done! On to the next Ms. Bolling!

  7. Susan Dennis (verified owner)

    This story was just wonderful! Jade is definitely the Lassiter that you don’t see coming but when she gets there BOOM! Iris grabs you by the collar with the 1st word and don’t let go until the end. The chemistry between Jade and Blake, (I NEVER saw that coming!) was off the charts! It was spontaneous combustion. The introduction to the new Lassiters of Connecticut (We never saw them coming either) was a great addition to the Gems and Gents series. I am axiously awaiting to hear more from them. I love that Iris never misses to show the love of family in her books and I love the relationship that Sally and Joe have with all of their kids and I have always wondered why Sally puts the “fear” of God in her children along with the love she gives, well now I know. she is not one to be played with. This was such a great book! Im anxiously awaiting Luke’s story, but while I wait, I will give the Gems and Gents series a re-read

  8. Raye Long (verified owner)

    Loved this book!!!
    First, the book cover is amazing!!!
    Jade’s and Blake’s story, 10 years in the making and well worth the wait! This is my second time reading this book and it was even better the second time around. In true Iris Bolling form, she keeps you invested in the story and characters from beginning to end. The evolving love story between Jake and Jade; closeness of the Lassiter family meeting new members of the Lassiter family, scenes that had me laughing with tears flowing just delicious. Sofia after 30 plus years finally getting that long overdue beat down from Sally and mystery still in need of solving, This family is full of surprises!!!
    Looking forward to the next chapter in the life of this family. Hope that Jackson can find peace and an unselfish love of his own.

  9. CynMedley

    This book was highly anticipated’ Jade and Blake have danced around each other for years. It was great to finally get their story told. This was a great read from the first chapter to the last. The chemistry was off the charts. You have romance, drama, and suspense up in this book! We got introduced to some new Lassiter’s and I’m here for it all and hope to hear more about them! There is danger lurking for the Lassiter family and I’m hanging on by a thread barely! I love each Lassiter character from the adults to the children! I wasn’t prepared for that ending!! I hope Iris is in her cave writing and don’t leave us hanging too long…

  10. Sharon V Jones (verified owner)

    This is another winner from Iris Bolling. Jade is everything you hope it would be an more. More Lassiters to love. More danger to come and one spoiler, the ass beating is out of this world. You will love it from start to finish, then you will want to go back for more. I am going for my second read in two days. Cannot wait until this come out in paperback to add to my collections.

  11. Denise Anderson

    Oh wow 👏 bravo Ms Bolling! Ms Bolling writes
    A compelling novel about the Lassiter family
    One for all and all for one. They leave no
    Prisoners alive. The cover was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    The novel had plenty of suspense mayhem drama
    And intimacy between the couples.we get to find
    So much out in this novel that my head was not coming up for air before I was finish which
    Was 430am this morning I started reading the
    Novel at the doctors office and when I got to
    Jade and Sally was laying hands on Sofia I did
    Not realize I was laughing out loud 🤣 I gave
    The lady sitting next to me your website.
    Ms Bolling brings together unanswered questions
    To light and I’m just saying as Phire would say
    Jade and Blake relationship was brought to
    Light and it was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥. If you have not
    Read this I say hurry up you don’t know what
    You are missing. Can’t wait to see when Luke
    Bring the heat. Thank you Ms Bolling I really
    Enjoyed this novel 😊

  12. Kimberly Paynes (verified owner)

    I don’t think that I’ve LOL so much in such a short time.
    This book was a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end!

  13. Toni Bonita (Mama Toni) Robinson (verified owner)

    Jade is the twenty-second book I’ve read this year, to date, it is my best read for the year 2021. The excitement, commitment to family, love, unrequited love, laughter, tears, beat-downs, secrets, unknown relationships which we got a glimpse of all to come together for an astonishing read. The titbits dropped have me waiting with bated breath for the next stories. Iris’s brilliance when crafting a story is second to none.

  14. Sharon Roland (verified owner)

    From the front cover to the last page, this story was definitely worth the wait. Very entertaining and thought provoking. I enjoyed meeting the new family members and picking up on bits information that could possibly lead to other story lines. LOL I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  15. LaSonde (verified owner)

    Jade is a must read. This book will have you laughing from the beginning to the end. I loved the family dynamics with the Lassiter Family. I can’t wait for the next Lassiter book. I also enjoyed the introduction of new Lassiters

  16. Abby Amos (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading this book and we got a front row seat in seeing why the Lassiter kids are more afraid of Mama Sally than they are of their Dad! That was some deserved beat down Sally gave to her nemesis! AND Cynthia was funny as heck! Pulling out a snack to watch the beat down!!!! Hilarious! I know everyone who reads this book will definitely enjoy it! I recommend this book to everyone!

  17. methequeen (verified owner)

    This book lived up to every standard of Ms Iris’s writing and imagination. The mystery, romance, thrill, and fun that I have come accustomed to was definitely present in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jade and Blake’s story. The well deserved beat down given to Sofia by Sally was the icing on the cake. Even though I was reading it, I felt like I was watching a movie. I had the best laugh! I’m just saying. Sally runs that household no doubt. Of course, catching up with the rest of the family is always a joy and the welcoming of new Lassiters, I’m looking forward to.

    I’m excited to see where Miss Iris goes next with the family. There are so many layers to the Lassiters, that which ever way she goes, it will be a winner. Thank you for being the awesomeness storyteller that you are.

  18. J B Williams (verified owner)

    Jade’s Story Is Not to be Missed! A Page Turner from the beginning to The End!! The Action The Suspense The Woop Ass and of course the Love Scenes. It’s just never enough. The Lassiter’s meeting the new Lassiter’s Oh My, and what an introduction. The Thanksgiving Tradition is always Hilarious and the food more than enough. Thanks Iris Bolling for this Awesome Read. Can’t Wait For Christmas and Luke! Highly Recommended Read. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  19. Brenda Mutcherson

    Jade Lassiter is the daughter who is a ballerina like her mother Sally was. Blake Thornton had admired Jade since he said the wrong thing and the kicked in the nuts. Reading the story I realized the mother Sally is the person everyone of her children got their take no prisoners attitude from. Unfortnatley for Sofia who Blake’s mother she tested the familys’ patience.
    I laughed so hard when Jade had two run ins with her and punched her. She deserved it and more each time. Now when Sofia pissed off Sally, I was crying from laughing so hard. Sally gave Sofia the beat down she deserved. Sofia is a piece of work. Sofia’s husband Jackson finally shut her up. Sally convinced her husband Joe to reach out to his younger brothers because of a situation that was happening with Jade in NY. More Lassiters to get to know. One of his nephews Jesse James looks and acts like Joshua. Phire has a cousin twin in Azalea. I am just saying is the cousin twins favorite saying. Drama of who is after the Lassiter family. I loved the security dome around the house during the Thanksgiving football game. The intrigue of who made Jade sick and put her in the hospital. Jade and Blake admitting how they truly felt about each other. I did not want to put this book down. I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

  20. Carson (verified owner)

    One word…WOW! Well worth the wait. Jade is definitely a mini version of Sally. Great to catch up with family and friends and to have some questions answered. Can’t wait for Luke’s book.

  21. Shirley Jones

    Iris,you never disappoint your readers. This book was enthralling, entertaining and so dam good from the first page to the last. You put your blood,sweat and tears into your work and I am so thankful! Keep writing and I will keep reading!

  22. rarippy (verified owner)

    This book was beyond great! The storyline was more than expected and adding the new Lassiter family members was a great addition to Jade’s story. Sophia getting her beat down from not one but 2 Lassiter females was the icing on the cake for me. The ending has me all in my feelings and can hardly wait to see how this plays out. Thanks Iris for the wonderful stories that you are writing!

  23. JigsawGirl (verified owner)

    Another great read. I cannot get enough of the Lassiter’s. I was feeling kind of sad because I was down to the last Lassiter sibling. But, Iris Bolling introduced a whole new family of Lassiter’s in this book. I have hopes for more great Lassiter family reads.

    In previous books, I got a sense of the family dynamics and how their lives progressed as each sibling found their soul mate. Blake and Jade’s book gave that and so much more.

    I thought Leah’s father, LT’s half siblings, as well some others were a piece of work, but I think Blake and Cynthia’s mother is at the top of the trash heap.

    I enjoyed the family relationships, the mystery and intrigue. There were some interesting twists in this one, and I even appreciated the ending which was a major surprise for me.

    I am kind of dreading and looking forward to Luke’s book. At least after it’s over I can start on the Brooks family, lol.

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