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When investigative reporter, Rachel Fontaine stumbles into a story involving judges, our so called pillars of society, she has no idea it would lead to the discovery of modern day slavery or murder. Raised with the in-depth sense of justice, and the desire to expose the wrongs of the world, Rachel sets out to find the truth behind the incarceration of young men of color.

Wade Tyson, of the Tyson Communication family, has no idea what he is walking into when he takes over as News Producer for Tyson Broadcasting. From his first encounter with the mouthy, opinionated, Rachel Fontaine, his life will be forever changed. Armed with no boundaries in seeking the truth, he listens to her theory of un-explainable sentencing practices of certain judges and finds himself the victim of an attempted murder.

Pushing aside the sexual tension, his crazy brothers, and her ever questioning father, Wade and Rachel dig deeper into her theory, eventually uncovering a conspiracy that neither realize how wide or far up the political power chain it lives.

The P.I.E. infiltration begins……


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49 reviews for News With Curves

  1. Alveria Gaddis

    Can’t wait to read this book.

  2. Cassandra Durham (verified owner)

    Once again Iris has hit it out of the ballpark. Rachel Fontaine is a curvy girl whose dream is to be the nightly news anchor. For years she has been overlooked and overworked by the news department until a story she has begun researching hits a few influential people close to home. Wade Tyson see’s an opportunity to turn a local tv station into an international news source but stumbles upon his best reporter in jail. And ya’ll that’s where the fireworks begin. Iris does an excellent job of laying bare the prison pipeline popular in our country. This is a great book. And to top it off the first chapter of the next book left me screaming Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  3. Martha Spearman Ruff (verified owner)

    Wow….all I can say is is that Iris Bolling is a master storyteller. She has the unique ability to draw her readers in from the very first word until the very end of the story often find myself not wanting the book to end.
    News With Curves did exactly that, it drew me in and held me captive until the last word. There are no words to describe describe those Tyson men; they’re beyond HOT!!!! I loved Rachel Fontaine and how she went after what she wanted and she wouldn’t be stopped… talk about Black Girl Magic…. those Fontaine sisters have it in spades!!! The chemistry between Wade and Rachel was sizzling, however, I loved how they both handled their business first before they explored what was happening between them.
    I sincerely hope that Wade’s brothers and the other Fontaine sisters are able to get their very own HEA!!!!

  4. Cinquetta (verified owner)

    This book was just… WOW!! I love the characters development and the way you bring real issues to life in your books! I am so in love with the Tyson brothers. Rachel and the sisters (women in black) had me doubling over with laughter. It was so good to see a real woman with curves ruling her life! As always you did the dang thing!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Johnathan Royal

    OMG!!!! Went from a battle of media appearance to crooked cops and judge. Rachel Fontaine is amazing and those Tyson Brothers. Yummy!!!! Video review coming soon.


    Just finished reading News with Curves – waiting for the next edition of this series

  7. Denise Stokes

    Iris Bolling has done it again. She has brought the Mystery. The drama. The Romance. And she has infused a topic of today with style and grit. Lol. News With Curves is sexy, funny and about things we don’t want to talk about. Wade & Rachel just has this Explosive chemistry right out the gate. Bring in their families and the story is elevated. Iris had me looking at the political process a little harder with The Heart series. With News With Curves I am ever vigilant about our young folks. Iris brings the issues in a story that will not blog you down but awaken you. Waiting patiently for the rest of the News…

  8. Cheryl Brooks

    I received ARC for an honest review. I truly enjoyed reading News With Curves. I liked getting a glimpse inside the world of journalism at a television station through the eyes of a black curvy woman who aspired to become a news anchor. I really liked Rachel Fontaine. Even with the obstacles she faced at the station due to her race and curvy figure she did not let it stop her. She continued to outshine those who wanted to keep her in her place. I loved how Rachel slowly but surely brought her new boss Wade Tyson out of his serious shell. I loved the music karaoke between the two. Lol. There was so much I loved about this book. I loved the blended family of the Tysons, and the close bond of the brothers. I loved the closeness between Rachel and her sisters as well. All of the characters were well developed. I enjoyed the secondary characters as much as the main characters. I always love how Iris weaves her stories around the political and social climate of the time. This book touched on the issues with our justice system and minorities and the racial climate in our country. I hope to get more of the Tyson brothers and the Fontaine sisters. I also, look forward to more Nate Reigns. The teaser of the next book had me so emotional. I can’t wait for the actual book.

  9. Carolyn Jackson (verified owner)

    So far so good. I’m 40% into the story and I’m so happy. Iris knows how to tell a story. I’ll be back when I’m done reading. 5 Stars and counting!

  10. LaChanta Frederic (verified owner)

    This was mystery, suspense and laughter all wrapped up in one. Rachael had me laughing from beginning to end. I absolutely love a sassy heroine who knows who she is and what she wants. And those Tyson brothers were fire!!!!! If this was just a prequel lord knows what Ms. Bolling has in store. Keep it coming though cause this was phenomenal!!!!!

  11. J B Williams

    No Filter
    Ms. Rachel Fountain is all the way Live. Unique and Ultra Smart. Don’t come for her unless she calls you. Her Job is to get the inside scoop, nothing less. Her Boss,or Bosses Boss is all about the News Business. They make an awesome team he just has to learn to keep up. The Mystery and Supense will keep you turning the pages. Loved this new line by Iris Bolling. She knows how to weave a Web… READY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE ?

  12. Shavonna Futrell

    I loved loved Rachel, she has a great personality and very fun person. I loved the way she spoke her mind and had no filter at all. I cannot remember a book that made me laugh as much as this one. This was an excellent book and I enjoyed reading it. The chemistry between Rachel and Wade was off the chart. Some parts of this story was ver heart wrenching but the dialogue between Rachel and anyone kept you from being all the way mad.

  13. Brenda Larnell (verified owner)

    Kudos to the prolific and multi-talented author,Iris Bolling, for another intriguing story that places the reader in the midst of some diabolical white supremacists, a newsroom takeover, corrupt judges, self-serving correctional facilities that promote modern day slavery, and last but not least a budding romance. The featured characters are Wade Tyson and Rachael Fontaine. Their chemistry is off-the-chain from the first time they meet. They make a dynamic couple! Wade has four brothers who are not your average siblings. Rachael has two sisters who are ‘ride or die’ all the way. On one level, this story is packed with tension, mayhem, and murder. On another it’s all about family, loyalty and fairness. News With Curves has a tremendous cast of complex characters. No matter how you slice it, News With Curves is an entertaining and compelling story, and I highly recommend it.

  14. Shareta Caldwell

    First of all, WOW!!!! This book is newsworthy, jaw-dropping, can-this-really-be-happening-now type of read. Prepare yourself to have every heartaching emotion. I was pissed, angry, heartbroken, stunned, discouraged, dismayed…all of that. It is such a reflecrion of real life that I had to stop reading several times to take a deep breath. I know it is a fiction book however with the climate we are living in right now, this is not at all farfetched. This is a reflection of the times we are in right now. I found myself so thankful for Rachel because she was not letting this go. And Wade, thank goodness he saw the injustice in this too and supported Rachel’s efforts to bring the story to light. I seriously want all of the bad people eliminated at once. I was hoping for some closure and satisfaction they evil will not win! This book was too short. I need more. Looking forward to the Reigns series to see how this all unfolds. Excellent read!

  15. Tera McLeod (verified owner)

    This was an excellent start to another good series. The characters are scorching. Kudos to a job well done.

  16. MidnightAce Scotty

    This thought-provoking story was filled with everything you come to expect from an Iris Bolling novel; Romance, Family, Suspense…. Death. The characters were well developed making you fall in love with them right away. The storyline kept you on edge, making It difficult to put this one down.

    Rachel Fontaine is determined to make her mark in this journalism industry and has the means to plow you down. She is one of the elites on her team, but the station gets caught up in what they think will boost rating…apparently not a plus size women. Well that way of thinking gets squashed when the announcement of the new man in charge…Wade Tyson.
    The first meet is filled with all kinds of sparks between the two and you couldn’t help but laugh when Wade tries to keep it professional. Well Rachel is definitely the spice to Wade’s sauce and she handles him with her in your face seduction. I found myself on an emotional roller coaster; I am in a good groove with them singing and debating over music trivia and BAM shit gets real. A grave mistake is made and it takes them behind enemy lines to uncover secrets that will make anyone become outraged!!! There is no denying the family dynamic with the Tyson brothers and Fontaine sisters portraying a strong protective bond and you get to see the lengths they’re willing to go to protect one another.

    This was a great read, but you don’t walk away from this one unscathed. Your emotions and mind are tested.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Nate Reign, Tyson and Fontaine families.

  17. Sharon Roland (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling does it again. I really enjoyed this story. Great introduction to a new series. I cannot wait for the next installment.

  18. Denise Anderson

    Wow! Amazing , exciting, drama, and definitely a rollercoaster ride. Wade and Rachel have a lot of chemistry. I had my moments from laughing out loud at
    Rachel and how Wade tries to keep it together when they meet. Love the Tyson and Fontaine family. Buy the novel and be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. Waiting
    Patiently for the next book. ?❤

  19. Chelece Williams

    Iris Bolling does it again????????! Enticing Romance + Nail bitting Suspense = A Great Read! Yep, Yep, I pulled an all nighter reading about Rachel Foutain as she is an investigative reporter with mad skills. I loved her confidence, strength and dedication to her craft until she comes face to face with the Tyson brothers, especially Wade Tyson. You must purchase this book to see what happens when Wade Tyson comes into contact with Rachal Fountain! My emojis describes all of my emotions while reading this book. ?????????.

    Great job Iris Bolling

  20. Velva Seay (verified owner)

    I just need to say Iris, you are definitely one of those authors I wish when I finish one of your books I could just go right into the next one. News with Curves is another masterpiece. It has everything: suspense, sexy characters, and it keeps you wanting more. We also get to see characters from some of your previous books. It also makes you think about possibilities of things that could be happening without you knowing exactly what’s going on behind closed doors. The Tyson brothers and Fontaine sisters are new characters I Can’t wait to learn more about. I am anxiously waiting for the next book. The chapter you shared in the next book was mind blowing. Another great book showing just how talented you are. Ready and waiting for your next book.

  21. LaShon H (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling did it again! I read this book in 24 hours, I just couldn’t put it down. The storyline keeps you turning the pages and the heat…. without revealing to much I will just say everyone should get this book and read for yourself. I can’t wait for book 2…. The Tyson Brothers are something else, who will be next? Thank you Iris Bolling, you never disappoint! Much love and many blessings to you! You have a fan for life.

  22. Willie P. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Finished reading “News with Curves,” didn’t want to put it down. The way characters from her other books was wonderfully tied into this book . Impatiently waiting on the next installment.

  23. Rita Rippy (verified owner)

    I received my autographed paperback copy Monday and could not put the book down when I started reading it! You have another winning series Ms. Bolling and I can hardly wait to read the next book in this awesome series! I will be re-reading this book often as I do the other series books you have written.

  24. Amanda R Mitchell (verified owner)

    This is a great book. I recommend this book to my sisters.Ms Bolling it is great.

  25. SHIRLEY JONES (verified owner)

    An exciting,thrilling and fantastic read! I loved this book!!

  26. Rachel

    I loved this book. I could not put it down. I listen to it on my way to work.

  27. Tamasha Baptiste

    I couldn’t put the book down. It was entertaining and well written. I cannot wait to see how the story ends!

  28. Angie Lane (verified owner)

    Ms Iris has done it again. I love that the main character is curvy & her struggles apply to how real life is. I couldn’t put this book down & can’t wait until next installment.

  29. Sharon Alsobrook LeGrande (verified owner)

    Great Rachel and Wade story. This book kept me on the edge of my seat.. enjoyed every twist and turn.. Can’t wait to read about the other brothers.

  30. Jackie Paynes (verified owner)

    WOW, OK back from vacation. Ms. Bolling, loved, loved that book. If Rachel is not a strong woman who takes no crap, I don’t know one. I actually felt sorry for Wade. I can hardly wait for the next one in the series.

  31. Falesa Faulk (verified owner)

    Great read! As usual Iris brought the heat. Just the right amount of intrigue and romance. Can’t wait for the next book those brothers all sound hot. O not Alex?

  32. Teresa McMillian

    I started this book and I could not put it down! I cannot wait for the next book because Ms Iris dropped a bomb at the end.

  33. Inga Hagans (verified owner)

    Awesome read! Iris Bolling has done it again! As with all her books, once you start reading them you won’t be able to put it down. This book took me through several emotions, laughter, tears, anger, excitement and joy. This book had me glad that I know and am proud of who I am and whose I am. Rachel and Wade were a great couple. I love all Iris’ books but this one really impacted me. Kudos Ms. Bolling!

  34. Joyce M. Hudson (verified owner)

    News with Curves was a great read.

    Mrs. Bolling has done it again. Keep em coming Mrs. Bolling.

    Rachel Fontaine is a investigative reporter who’s mouth has been classified as a deadly weapon. Rachel reminds me so much of Phire, who speaks her mind and says whatever she wants to say. Just like Phire Rachel is the baby of 3 girls born to Abby and Clayton. Rachel’s sisters Riley and Regan are no non sense sisters and also speak their minds also.

    Rachel was so bold in letting Wade know what she wanted and that she also wanted him that I think she kinda scared him and left him speechless.

    Wade is the new owner of WRGN along with his blended family of 4 other brothers Monty, Dane, Ross and Drake who are also alike in many ways and were adopted by Pop Tyson who was following through on what his daughter Kate wanted him to take care of boys who was killed and Pop Tyson was carrying out his daughter wish.

    As Wade is adjusting to being the news producer of WRGN he faces several challenges with Lisa who’s grandfather sold the news station to Tyson Communication and Jerry whom Wade demoted to news director.

  35. Takelia Sewell (verified owner)

    Like anything I read from Iris this book left me wanting another. Loved the characters! Loved that the book sets us up on another adventure. Only thing I dislike is the next book is not ready. Don’t sleep on Iris Bolling! You will love this one and become addicted. Luckily if this is your first book you have quite a few to feed your addiction?. Happy reading

  36. Monyca Beard (verified owner)

    I loved reading about Rachel and Wade. I just began reading Iris’s books a little more than a year ago. Since reading the first Heart series book, I’ve had a chance to read everything except One Spark of Magic, which I just purchased. I debated whether to wait to read News with Curves because I knew I would be craving the next book in the series.
    Keep up the great work Iris!

  37. JOSEPHINE FALKINS (verified owner)

    WHAT A READ!! and well worth the wait. The story line kept me reading steadily until the end and I still wanted more. It was a nice mention of characters from other books. The Tyson brothers and Nate Reigns–my my my.
    Nice to see a heroine with curves. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  38. Sherrie Jones (verified owner)

    Another exceptional book form Iris Bolling. I read this book in one day! It had me from the beginning and I could not stop reading until I got to the end. Love the chemistry between Rachel and Wade. Rachel spoke with no filter, lol. Not Alex! But that is why you write such great books! Will the other Tyson brothers get their own story? Until then…..let the Reign begin!

  39. Kelly Prioleau (verified owner)

    NO! NO! NO! OMG…..WTH just happened!! The ending….!!!

    Rachel cracked me up! She’s ballsy, she’s bold, she’s unabashedly proud of who she is! She is ABSOLUTELY perfect for Wade… she is the light he needs in his life. The connection they share, the lightning bolts striking them both made the love connection that much hotter. But that ending though….I’m shook!

  40. Hannah Lee (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling has done it again!!! News With Curves is a signature Iris Bolling novel you get love laughter and drama. You get murdered and intrigue it was laugh out loud funny and heartwarming. The characters are so well developed you feel as if your right there. Rachel Fontaine is some one that I look forward to seeing more of and I can’t wait to get to know the T-men better. Get your copy so you can meet the first of the T-men

  41. Eunice Boyce

    Excellent, I love the new characters, Rachel, Wade, and their families. Rachel is hilarious and brave. Wade is strong and the consummate gentleman. The storyline is so appropriate and timely, unfortunately for the world we are living in. One of the questions that I had while reading this book is J.D. Harrison no longer the President? Along with the other cast of characters like Joshua, Sam, Brian, etc I see Nate, even the new mayor of Richmond, L.T. Palmer, but not the cast of characters around if it was a J.D. Harrison administration.

  42. Carolyn Y King (verified owner)

    Very good book. Rachel is girl who knows what she wants and has no problem getting it. Wade is very sexy. I liked him for Rachel. Can’t wait to read the next book.

  43. Myrlita (verified owner)

    Fantastic read I can’t wait for the next one. Made think about the that is really happening in this world

  44. Antoinette Gates

    News With Curves is another literary blockbuster in the Bolling library. Wade and Rachel’s chemistry and humor bounce off the pages. You will be on the edge of your seat with the drama and suspense. Five star ? worthy.

  45. Donna Scoggins (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading Wade and Rachel’s story. Both had interesting families but different backgrounds. I truly appreciate your always having strong women for these wonderful men!

  46. Cassandra Bankhead (verified owner)

    Loved How it was a love story with a mystery to solve thrown in and can’t wait for Rachel’s sisters and Wades brothers to find a love of their own

  47. Jackie Roberts (verified owner)

    News With Curves has all the elements I expect in an Iris Bolling book: romance, suspense, and intrigue.

    The heroine, Rachel Fontaine is not afraid of chasing down a complicated story or going after someone she is attracted to. When she meets Wade Tyson, one of the owners of the news station she works for, she has no problem letting him know that she wants him.

    The hero, Wade Tyson did not know how to take the feisty, outspoken Rachel Fontaine. But he like what he saw. From the first meeting until the end of the book their chemistry was on fire.

    Together the two join forces and set out to report crimes in the judicial system.

    I absolutely loved the connection and bond between Rachel’s sisters and the remaining Tyson brothers. They were hilarious together and show how much their had each others back.

    All of the mayhem in the story line leads to the introduction of several continuing series to look forward to reading.

  48. Gwendolyn Foster-Steen (verified owner)

    I read this book when it 1st came out, but just learned how to get to site to write review.
    Loved Rachel and Wade’s story. She was fiesty, sharp, and confident in what and who she wanted. Ha, ha, she made Wade a believer in her end goal as well. The chemistry between the two was definitely evident.
    Great read with suspense, drama, and mystery.

  49. Erica

    News with Curves was Iris’ first venture into writing more mystery and issue related story versus the heavily romantic suspense books she’s most known for. With news with curves she’s started a new writing venture that is just as much loved as her previous books. I loved the intrigue, danger and heat that was generated by Wade & Rachel. I cant wait for the next story in the series.

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