SIBLINGS – The Society of Intellectual Beings

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In a world where mortal connections are believed to be separated by six degrees, The Society of Intellectual Beings challenges this notion. Within their intertwined bloodlines, the degrees of separation are blurred. A young man, bestowed with divine powers, holds the key to saving humanity from its own destructive path.

When Wade Tyson’s biological parents tragically passed away within a day of each other, a dark conspiracy unravels before him and his brothers. Through his mother’s journals, Wade discovers a realm of inexplicable abilities that lie dormant within him.

Supported by his adopted brothers, Wade delves deeper into his newfound powers and uncovers a link to The Society of Intellectual Beings. Their investigation leads them to a scientist who plans to infiltrate the government using genetically engineered beings. Wade’s brothers, along with other individuals who are connected to powerful positions within the government, were unwitting participants in the same experiment. As they strive to identify their siblings and thwart the sinister scheme, the burden falls on Wade and his untested abilities to prevent the scientist’s murderous plans.

As evil forces grip the nation, the boundaries between reality and the supernatural become increasingly blurred. Time is of the essence, leaving no room for hesitation.

Will the siblings unite to save themselves and dismantle the designs of their creator before it’s too late? The fate of their world hangs in the balance.

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7 reviews for SIBLINGS – The Society of Intellectual Beings

  1. Karen McCraw (verified owner)

    This book was sooo good. From the beginning to the end it was outstanding. I laughed , screamed, was amazed at the effects of the trees and birds. The closeness of the brothers and Rachel was amazing. Phire was in control in her position and it was so good seeing all old and new team working together. Ready for part 3.

  2. Velva Seay (Josie Scott) (verified owner)

    When I received my copy of Siblings I decided that I was going to take my time reading it. I took a few days to read it and I’m glad I did. I was able to truly see how connected so many others were to it. I truly loved seeing how many of my favorite characters came together to put an end to Bradford Chambers III madness(at least for now). Iris I truly enjoyed meeting Wade’s Uncle Moon. Very good story about the possibilities of people. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  3. Shareta Rippatoe (verified owner)

    While reading News With Curves, SIBs, and the two books in the Nate Reigns series is highly (and I mean that) recommended, you can jump right in this book and follow along with ease. In fact, if you have read the books leading up to this, you are going to want to go back just because the storyline is that intriguing. Full disclosure, there are a lot of players in this story and as a reader that loves a good page turner and plot twist, every last one of these people were needed.

    Wade Tyson is our featured hero and is really at the heart of what unfolds over the course of this series. His brothers are very much an integral part of the plot too. And then there are a host of other characters that pop in at the right time, with the right expertise to bring this all together. Instead of being overwhelmed, I was busy putting all the pieces together to see how these characters fit together to bring this story full circle. Oh, there is a talking bird and oh my goodness what Wade can do with natural elements 🫨

    What is common in an Iris Bolling story is her unique ability to showcase a complex, realistic, almost prophetic storyline and introduce us to multilayered characters that we fall in love with. And also like real life, our heroes don’t go at it alone. If you are a longtime fan, you will notice the theme of family interwoven in each story. And they show up for each other and the country. No one does it alone. So as the reader we get an up close and personal introduction to each character and their role in each story. We get excited when a character from another series crosses over. We can’t wait for the action to jump off! As you read, you begin to understand why a character pops up in the story. I mean they are in the same dang city. They know each other. Why wouldn’t you contact the person you know who is the best at what they do to come and help you out. It’s makes so much sense, right? And she pulls it off well! These aren’t small issues that she has introduced in this series. These are real life altering problems that need a host of people ready to make it right. If you pay attention to real life events, this series will have you hoping there are people like Wade, the Tyson brothers, Nate, and TA working behind the scenes.

    So, prepare your mind to be overwhelmed. Prepare for the shock to your system. Prepare to hear some real harsh truths. Prepare to be introduced to a host of characters that show up and show out. Prepare to enter the world of Iris Bolling and be amazed. I promise you will enjoy the experience if you just roll with it.

  4. Martha Spearman Ruff (verified owner)

    This book was absolutely amazing!!! I loved everything about it. It was action packed but most importantly it gave me everything that I was looking for in an Iris Bolling novel!!! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!!!

  5. LaShon Hawkes (verified owner)

    Iris, Iris, Iris —- I don’t know how your mind works but omg! This book had everything!!!! The story line is amazing. The characters, well the additional/new characters were outspoken, had so many interesting things to say and words of wisdom for Wade. Uncle Moon was priceless! I couldn’t get enough of him. This book had so much action, so many answers and I couldn’t get enough. I hope the next book comes soon because I can’t wait!
    Anyone who hasn’t read this series should get it, they are in for a treat. Not only should they read News with Curves – read Aftermath, Sibs & Backlash to get the full effect. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Antionette Gates (verified owner)

    Wade Tyson, Rachel Fontaine, the Tyson brothers were the center of more skillfully written scenes and wondrous WT gifts untold. The imaginary and crafty writing style of Iris Bolling sets this literary piece apart from others.
    Her use of nature,trees,crows, and tree roots were exhilarating to me as a reader. This book explores many realms of possibilities stemming from IVF generated SIBLINGS and a sinister scientist.

  7. MidnightAce Book Bar

    Well, this author’s power with the pen, whew! It never ceased to amaze me. This story and her interconnecting series have been a host of unexpected experiences.

    S.I.B.LINGS brings us back to the lab of twisted scientist Bradford Chambers and his attempt to take control of the world with a serum that is as powerful as it is mysterious. The adventure continues, with Bradford realizing his foundation is not as solid as he perceives it. In fact, it is his greed and that of his cohorts that will bring their walls down one brick at a time.

    Why do we call “News with Curves” also by Iris Bolling, a bridge book? Its storyline acts as a catalyst for understanding this new world we dare to enter.

    What I enjoyed most about S.I.B.LINGS is this author’s broad imagination, the development of the characters, and her extraordinary ability to build a world where fact and fiction look a lot alike.

    Anytime an author’s writing can make you become attached to not only a fictional character but that character be a crow, that is a story that will stay with you long after The End. Have an open mind and take this ride, you will not be disappointed.

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