S.I.B.s – The Society of Intellectual Beings

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In the mortal world, it is believed that there are six degrees of separation. That number diminishes within The Society of Intellectual Beings. The bloodlines are intertwined, blurring the degrees of separation. 

Network Executive, Wade Tyson gets a story that is a little too close to home. His biological parents, who were convicted of multiple murders thirty years ago, die suspiciously within 24 hours of each other. Wade investigates their deaths which leads to questions surrounding the original crime. During the investigation, Wade opens the door to a multiple generational experiment to create a community of exceptionally intelligent humans. To complicate matters, these beings have been immersed in mainstream society.

What if a society of children were conceived to rule the world based on intellectual logic?

Wade discovers he is connected to The Society of Intellectual Beings in more ways than one. Through a series of journals from his now deceased mother, Wade has the experience of not only reading her words but absorbing her thoughts. Each time he reads one of her journals, certain powers are bestowed upon him. The powers come without instructions or warnings, but he needs them to complete the task of stopping evil forces from populating the world with S.I.B.s. He, with the help of his adopted brothers, is the only ones who can save the humans from themselves.

What if the society’s disposable children rise up to confront the new world order?  

Wade finds himself conflicted when he discovers each of his adopted brothers were created in The Society of Intellectual Beings but were disposed of as children. Doors to a different world open as Wade tries to find answers to questions that will impact not only his life, but the world.

At one point, Wade is forced to ask himself

What if the S.I.B.s, who are directed by their evil creator, infiltrated the highest level of government?

What if??????

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9 reviews for S.I.B.s – The Society of Intellectual Beings

  1. Velva Seay (Josie Scott)

    So I was so excited when I received my book. I was so waiting for this. I read it in one day. I must say Iris I was very pleased. I opened my mind to the possiblilities within the story. I loved catching up people from previous books. It also made me say ‘What if’. I can’t wait until the next book Iris.

  2. LaShon

    Iris Bolling is a genius, the way her mind works is amazing. I don’t know how she comes up with the stuff but she puts the story together like a master! In SIB’s she tells the story of Wade Tyson and his brothers, we find out how he came to be and how the brothers came together with the help of Kate Tyson. We see people from the past as they try to pieces the puzzle together.
    True to many of her books, people die but that is only part of the story. She is a true mastermind. Makes you think about the world we live in today and what if this is happening in real life.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading SIB’s, seeing people from the past and look forward to the next story, of course there are a few questions I need answers to!
    KUDOS to Iris Bolling – you are a true story teller and can write any type of story you put your mind to! I look forward to many more!!

  3. Sharon Valerie Jones (verified owner)

    This is another Iris Bolling number one books. Kudos to you Ms. Bollings. This book will keep up to the end and when you finish it you will be asking “is this person one of them”. You will get to see Wade Tyson in a different light as well and his connection to his brothers and their
    beginnings. You will also meet another threat to our country and why the Administration is needed. You thought PIE was a problem, you can now add the members of SIBs to the equation. Iris Bolling’s vision is truly one of a kind. Watch out because the the next person looking at you just may be trying to read your mind. Congratulations Iris Bolling.

  4. Martha Spearman Ruff

    This book was everything that I thought it would be and a whole lot more. I’m definitely sitting here thinking what if…? Once again Iris Bolling has forced her readers to think outside of the proverbial box!!!

  5. Margie Pye (verified owner)

    Worth waiting for. I enjoyed reading this book and was actually wondering what if. Iris Bolling you did that!!! Great read

  6. Lateefah Deloatch

    I have got to say I had a lot of mixed fillings about this book. When I first stated reading this I was wondering exactly what in the neck I was reading. Then I was going to just wait and read it at another time because the first few chapter did hold my interest like Mrs Bollings book has always done but I continue her reading. When I got to a the chapter with characters I recognized it stated to pull the book to get her for me and I become more interested in continuing to read the book. And I’m glad I did because I didn’t close it until I finished the last chapterin the book. This book had suspense,paranormal,romace,it had it all. I also like how she brought back the town of Bristol and the characters there. Cant wait to find out what happens next. I’m also hoping that this book will lead us to a Luke Lassiter book because of his work with the tunnels. I got to say Mrs Bolling did her thang with this book. I have all of her books and she is one of my favorite authors.

  7. Cynthia

    I love your books,the mystery love and suspense. The Problem is I have to wait for the next book😂. Hearing about the other characters from other books connect with each new story. Hurry waiting for the next book.

  8. Michele

    I found this book as fascinating as all of her books what got me the most was to find out the connection to Luke and who knows who else will be involved. With this mess.

  9. Beverly

    Ooo WEEE!🫨🫨☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Iris Bolling is a Beast when it comes to writing! I’m not sure why I was reluctant to read this book. I honestly think I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about reading a “Science Fiction story” Babee, let me tell you this book was so good. The more I read the more I thought dang this could really happen.

    It was so good to run into Ms.Margie, Clem ,Bart ,Redbone and the others from the small town in Virginia
    I won’t provide details because I’m afraid I’ll give to much away. If you enjoy a little Love ,suspense , intrigue and a little science fiction you’ll love this book. Not to mention if you e read the Heart series and the Gems and Gents you will definitely love this book

    Thanks Iris for another enjoyable read. Can hardly wait for book two of this series. ❤️❤️

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