The Aftermath

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The investigation into the death of Prosecuting Attorney Alex Burnett leads to the discovery of other crimes which garners huge headlines for the Richmond Police Department. For the brass, the number of closed cases is a triumph, however, it does not solve the murder of the friend and mentor of Nathan ‘Nate’ Reigns, a detective in the Major Crimes Division.

A one-time top criminal defense attorney, Nate uses his insight from his previous occupation to close his cases. No case leaves his desk marked closed until he has filled every hole a defense attorney will use to free their client. Nate vows justice for his friend. That path leads to an organization with plans that will have far-reaching impacts on the justice departments across the country.

A suspense thriller with a twist that leaves you gasping to breathe…The innocent and the guilty have to deal with the Aftermath.

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17 reviews for The Aftermath

  1. Martha Spearman Ruff

    The Queen Of The Curve Ball Strikes Again 🔥🔥🔥

    I don’t know if I have enough words that are adequate enough to describe how this book has me feeling right now!!! I literally have run the gauntlet with my emotions, from happy, to sad to ultimately pissed, back to sad!!!
    I can honestly say that Mrs.Iris Bolling doesn’t waste her words, and there’s ALWAYS TRUTH woven throughout her stories!!!
    I can’t wait until the next book in this amazing series hit the book stores!!!!

  2. LaShon H. (verified owner)

    Five Stars to Iris Bolling: “The Aftermath” was AMAZING!!!! The cover is exciting and the story had my interest from beginning to end. I had to make myself go to bed; I didn’t want to stop reading. Iris Bolling you are a natural with your story telling! You didn’t even have to forewarn us that this was a suspense story; it was an amazing story true to your skill of writing! I found myself with a pen (Siri Austin pen of course) and paper trying to solve the case myself. There were parts I didn’t see coming but was excited when it happened! I really loved the mixture of old characters that dropped in and the new characters. When I say Iris Bolling is a Master of her purpose, please believe me. To anyone who has not ordered this book because of the “suspense” please order it, you will not be disappointed! I am not giving anything away but I can say….I am so looking forward to the next chapter of Nate Reigns! Kudos Iris Bolling!

  3. methequeen

    I’m speechless! This mystery/suspense/drama novel was absolutely a stunning & outstanding literary work of art. My adrenaline flowed with intensity as the drama unfolded with its’ kicked up action continuously throughout the story. I had to compose myself initially at the beginning, when CA Alex was found dead. I felt the pain and sadness. The author made the the connection feel and appeal real.

    Detective Nate Reigns played his part, with an outstanding list of A-players, as supporting cast or equal parts. Skylar was tuff as nails and didn’t back down from the challenges ahead.. However, momma Charlotte was a surprise with her enormous heart and the source of strength provided to her son. Her role as the feisty mother was absolutely surprising & jaw dropping. The story flowed beautifully and smoothly.

    Even though I was allowed to be taken away from my personal reality for the day, Miss Bolling has certainly put us in the era of exactly right now. If you’re keeping abreast of the news, this currently is the state of affairs in our country, which has been going on for some time now and is definitely frightening.

    She threw in a surprise near the end, but you will have to read to find out. Can’t wait for the next installment of this great series. Maybe just maybe, Det Reigns will get a love interest!
    I don’t know if there’s room for improvement because Miss Bolling puts her foot in every novel that she has penned. She is definitely a well rounded writer.

  4. Sharron

    This book was awesome. Ms. Bolling’s creativity has no limit. I couldn’t stop reading The
    Aftermath. From beginning to end it was full of action, current events, suspense, and at times, laughter. I cannot wait to read the rest of
    series. Keep up the good work Iris Bolling!!!

  5. MidnightAce Book Bar (verified owner)

    With this new series, the readers should prepare for something different. Iris Bolling has strategically crafted a world that will not only entice the readers’ minds and if you dare to have an open mind, be enlightened!

    After the heart-gripping death of his friend, Nate is called upon to deal with the AFTERMATH. From the very start, his gut has him questioning whether the people around him are Friend or Foe. When he closes a case, he leaves no stone unturned, and it is ironclad. That is evident with his 96% conviction rate. Nate Reigns is either respected or despised, depending on how you interpret the laws. His philosophy is simple “When the Law breaks the Law…the Consequences can be Deadly”. This just may be his most difficult case yet!

    THE AFTERMATH, a great intro to this new series. It is a gripping thriller that left me on the edge of my seat with its layered characters and suspenseful dialogue. The author takes us to task and challenges us to be engaged and aware of what’s going on in our communities and local governments. I love how the author uses her craft to infuse political history, social commentary, and racial injustices.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept the task, will be to partner with these characters and rally to take back the city, one organization at a time. Grab a reliable Book Buddy and a journal its time to see where all the pieces fit.

    Great intro to this new series.

  6. Antionette Gates

    Author Iris Bolling has done an awesome job of spinning a story full of intrigue. Detective Nate Reigns is tasked with closing murder cases,locating the sources of disappearing young people (reporter Rachel Fontaine). He does his job well and remains true to his badge and city. Interesting villains plus heroic characters leap from each page from an explosive beginning to a smooth dramatic ending. This new suspense novel, a first for Bolling is 5 star worthy. BRAVO

  7. Curtrina Smith

    OMG! I was not fully prepared for the AFTERMATH. This book is riveting and keeps you alert for all the twists and turns. The characters are amazing and I’m still not sure who is really friend and foe. Plan a time of no interruptions when you’re ready to read this book and be ready for your own Aftermath!

  8. Velva Seay (Josie Scott)

    The Aftermath was everything I knew Iris Bolling was promising us. Nate Reigns handling of his friends murder was masterful. He was as determined to unravel the mystery of all that was going on. I loved the way Skylar Burrell came in just as determined as Nate. Meeting old and new characters made the storyline click. I am anticipating more of the Nate Reigns series. Thank you Iris Bolling for takingus on this journey with you. Excellent read.

  9. Linda Epps Dillon (verified owner)

    Wow, Ms. Iris definitely hit it out of the park with this book. It was filled with so many twists and turns my head was spinning (but in a good way). Every time I thought I knew who the good guys and bad guys were, I was thrown for a curve. I can’t wait for this series to continue. I enjoyed meeting the new characters and seeing characters from prior books show up. Favorite new character, is Mama Charlotte. I can’t wait to hear about her backstory.

    Thank you Ms. Iris for sharing your gift of storytelling.

  10. Carolyn Jackson

    Nate and Skylar were magical. I love a female who is not afraid to show her strength. Nate and the brains and the chutzpah to be Alpha and the balls to back up his statements. This was top-shelf goodness.

  11. Sabrina Hamilton

    This Nate Reigns saga is truly a masterpiece by Iris Bolling. There are so many twists and turns to this suspense thriller that the end will leave you with your jaws open. Now we have to wait months for the next installment to see where Nate and his partners will take us in this journey to get to the truth of his friend’s murder. Ms. Bolling did an outstanding job keeping us entrenched in this amazing novel. Congratulations on another amazing novel Ms. Bolling.

  12. Sabrina Hamilton

    This Nate Reigns saga is truly a masterpiece. The people that Nate meet and the special relationship he builds throughout his journey to find the truth is just awesome. The scenes are written in a way that makes you feel like you are right there being part of the action. Congratulations on another amazing novel Ms. Bolling. Now we await the next installment of Nate Reigns.

  13. Shirley Jones



  14. MamaToni (verified owner)

    GMA Worthy

    Aftermath read like a geometric mathematical problem after every chapter the formula changed when I reached the end the problem was still unsolved. The cast of characters kept me talking to myself and in shock from beginning to end. If you enjoy murder, secrets, drama, laughter, truth a mother bear and unbelievable moments AFTERMATH is the book to read. Iris has unlocked our eyes to what is going on in our daily lives.

    #Cillasbookmaniacs #MamaToni #

  15. JB Williams

    Heart Pounding Page Turner!
    Iris Bolling has pinned another 5 Star Read, where Imagination meets Real Life. This Suspense/Thriller will have you up all night turning page after page until the end, You Will need all your Wits about you cause the Mystery alone will have you in a Tizzy. Scratching your head and looking around. Everyone wants to know “WHO DONE IT!” Nate Reigns is the Ultimate Investigator, leaving no stone unturned. Solving this case and putting the person responsible for murdering his friend in prison is his ONLY goal. Many will try to keep him off track but he is very determined.
    Hold On Tight because it will get bumpy! Word to the Wise.
    YOU’RE NOT READY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Zina Miller

    I couldn’t stop reading. Iris has done it again. She has created another masterpiece and I want to know what Nathan Reigns will do next to get justice.

  17. Cheryl D.

    As usual Iris Bolling pinned a page turner. There were moments when I thought … OMG! She really took it there! This was an exciting read. Thank you, Mrs. Bolling. You delivered!

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