A Lost Heart

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After nearly losing his life to save his friend’s family ex-FBI agent Brian Thompson realizes something is missing from his life—love.

On a scouting trip to southwest Virginia the last person he expected to see was Caitlyn Montgomery, the woman that disappeared from his life ten years ago, married with a child.

For reasons she can’t explain, Caitlyn Montgomery was forced to leave the love of her life, Brian Thompson. Ten years later she sees the man whose love she sacrificed standing in her doorway.

Manipulative parents weave a web of deceit and secrets that is now threatening her son’s life. Now Caitlyn need the man she walked out on help to find her missing son.

Brian finds himself at the forefront of an investigation of a missing child. Can he find the child in time….will he even try?

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2 reviews for A Lost Heart

  1. Shirley Jones

    Brian Thompson is the protector,best friend and the one who gets things done! He deserves a love that will last a lifetime…Caitlyn Montgomery!

  2. Martha Spearman Ruff

    I’m so happy that Brian finally got his HEA…as the protector of the group he truly deserved to have someone that would love him the way he deserved!!!

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