The Justice of Love

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A Spark from the Heart Novella

Judge Alex Hylton, a man driven by love of family and the law, has one goal in mind, to become a Supreme Court justice. Living a drama-free life, he is well on his way–until a woman falls at his feet–literally. Or, was she pushed?

For Samantha Emerson, her plan is in motion. Push family and friends away, complete unfinished projects, then close her eyes one night never to hurt again. A ten year scheme by her ex-husband has driven her to suicide. Her last commitment puts her in front of Judge A. Lawrence Hylton.

Alex, with his quirky half smile, refuses to leave her alone. He desires to be Samantha’s reason to live, her Justice of Love.


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15 reviews for The Justice of Love

  1. Martha Ruff (verified owner)

    What a wonderful surprise to receive on Valentine’s Day!!! I was excited to find out that we’re getting blessed with another classic story from Mrs. Iris and I must admit that she didn’t disappoint us at all!!! I absolutely loved Alex’s story, and it was wonderful catching up with Douglas and the crew!!!
    I can’t wait to read what she has in store for us readers next!!!!

  2. Lillian Wells (verified owner)

    This book literally had me in tears it was beautiful and beautifully written. I so felt the emotional connection between the characters. Thank you.

  3. Monique D (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this story, it felt so real and was heartbreaking and inspiring in some parts. I felt as if I was reading about family members and was truly invested in the story and the characters from beginning to end. Alex and Samantha’s story was beautifully written by Iris Bolling. I didn’t realize this is part of a series so I am looking forward to reading the other books. Ms. Bolling never disappoints. Well done.

  4. Carolyn Jackson (verified owner)

    The Justice of Love was fitting for a Valentine’s Day treat. Judge Alex Hylton was in the right place and the right time to be the hero for Samantha Montgomery. When he later saw her after the events of that awful evening; she was a different person. Through Alex’s persistence and the help of his brother Doug, and my favorite former criminal Al ‘Turk’ Day, Samantha would find her normal again… The story was awesome.

  5. Shirley Jones (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling,thank you for thinking outside of the box! The plot,the characters,the way you write a story it is a game changer! You pulled me in and I did not want to leave even at the end! I felt Samantha’s pain and Alex’s love and determination! PHENOMENAL! I LOVE THIS STORY!!

  6. LaSonde Jones (verified owner)

    In Justice For Love we meet Judge Alex Hylton and Samantha Emerson. I enjoyed getting to know both characters. This book will have you mad, sad, and smiling. The story line touched a subject that we should all discuss and I’m so glad Alex took steps and Samantha family to help her. Excellent read.

  7. Sharon Roland (verified owner)

    This was a good Valentine’s Day surprise. I really enjoyed this story. Alex was just what Samantha needed. It was good catching up with some of the other characters in Iris’s series. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  8. Angie Lane (verified owner)

    What a great story! I didn’t want to keep reading because I didn’t want it to end…this was a story that needed to be brought up. I loved visiting with Al Turk. Another great story from Ms Iris. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  9. Toni B Robinson (verified owner)

    The Justice of Love was more than worth the apprehension I had trying to download. Iris’s writings have always been exceptional, however with TJOL she stepped out side the box to a completely new level of excitement. A story line which brought tears, hate joy, laughter. and love. I enjoyed the peek into the life of Douglas, Karen and Al Turk.


  10. Velva Seay (verified owner)

    When I purchased The Justice of Love I like many of you was so excited and couldn’t wait to read it. Unfortunately, I had a tough time downloading my copy. Luckily Iris came to my rescue and helped me solve the problem. I was finally able to read it. I don’t know how Iris comes up with her stories. I was so sorry for all Samantha had gone and was continuing to go through. I loved how Alex slowly but surely healed Samantha’s devastated heart. It is just incredible how Iris came up with such a scheme committed against Samantha. Loved having the drop-ins by some of our favourites from previous stories. Can’t wait for our next adventure written by Iris Bolling.

  11. MidnightAce Book Bar

    Book Bar Review: ?????

    What does Justice look like in Love?

    Once you read this one you get an understanding of how fate provided the ability for Alex and Samantha to find both.

    This one has all you come to love by Iris Bolling, some mayhem that brought out some of our favorite bad boys. We finally get a glimpse of the Hylton family, meeting the brothers Douglas help protect and shape into the successful men they became.

    I loved the spiritual connection making between Alex and Samantha, making it no mistake that they would end up together. I couldn’t help being reminded the similar contrast between them and Jarrett and Paige (One Spark of Magic).

    We also need to take a moment and recognize the lesson in this one; pay attention to our love ones/friends when they go through traumatic experiences don’t ignore uncharacteristic behaviors.

    Excellent Read!!!!

  12. Nicole

    I love anything that surrounds the heart series. Characters have grown so much and the incoming ones are just as intriguing. Depression is no joke. I’ve seen it and dealt with it. I’m glad Samantha had people who would not give on her and Alex was just patient and sweet as honey. I love this story. It was shorter than usual but who cares. Love, love, loved it!

  13. Brenda Harper

    I am waiting to rate this book, but is having a hard time downloading it to my kindle. Need some help please.

  14. Mary Ann Hudson (verified owner)

    Loved Alex and Samantha.
    It was really nice catching up with Al, Douglas and I think his name is Tucker.
    This book had tears forming in my eyes. it was so sad what Samantha’s ex-husband and his wife tried to do to Samantha. Karma is something else.
    I am so glad that Alex did not give up on Samantha.
    Depression can be deadly when you’re not surrounded by our relatives and friends even when you all you want to do is be alone in your world. We have to be there for our family and friends. We have to pay attention more and watch for signs. After it is done people often say I saw that and I should’ve been there.
    Iris I enjoyed reading “The Justice Of Love”.

  15. Denise (verified owner)

    Another author I can count on to weave a major life issue and still entertain is Iris Bolling. The Justice of Love is a quick read that packs a punch. You get love, family, a look at a issue we tend to sweep under the bed being addressed and a little romance suspense.
    Another must read from Iris.

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