Welcome to my very first blog. I’m joining the world of internet networking and social sites. Along with promoting my novels, I plan to use this blog to introduce you to other authors and have open discussions about romance, family, education, entrepreneurship and self awareness.  So, hold on to your hats, this might be a bumpy ride.

It’s an exciting time in the world of African American Romance.  Joining the ranks of Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, Francis Ray, Gwyneth Bolton, Donna Hill and Connie Briscoe, are an array of new authors emerging. I’m fortunate to say I am one of them and work diligently each day to produce romance novels that will entertain you as my favorite authors, listed above, have done for me.

My first attempt to entice you with romantic stories is a collection of novels called The Heart Series, because each of the stories will touch your heart and have you wanting more. If your mind is what you want stimulated, and your heart is what you want captured, The Heart Series is where you need to go.

The first novel in the Heart Series, Once You’ve Touched The Heart (A fitting title—don’t you think?) begins the journey of District Attorney J.D. Harrison’s political career by introducing you to his core circle of friends and of course, the woman that will change his life. Once You’ve Touched The Heart is an intriguing love story with characters that you will love and those you will love to hate throughout. The first book of The Heart Series is a first love, suspenseful, page-turner that will hold the interest of men and women alike.

The Heart Series continues as Ashley Harrison, JD’s sister, sets her sights on James Brooks and sparks began to fly in The Heart of Him. This heartwarming story will have you laughing, cheering and wondering when someone will back-hand the Senator’s daughter, stomp the brother  and kill the ex- boyfriend, just to put them all out of their misery. Just as “forever after” is within James and Ashley’s grasp the past comes back to haunt them threatening serious damage to a political campaign, an innocent child and Ashley’s life.

In the third book, Look Into My Heart, life has a strange way of giving you what you ask for. Just ask Cynthia Thornton as the saga of the Harrison family and friends continue. The one person you’re not sure how to take will have you hoping she has found  the  love she is  so desperately seeking when Prince LaVere’ Ashro enters her life. Prince Ashro wants a wife that will stand beside him to reorganize his country. The only problem is the woman he has chosen is independent, out-spoken and not to the liking of the royal family. Finally a man who can treat her like the princess she is—or is he?

A Heart Divided continues the journey towards the White House for J.D. and Tracy Harrison. What do you do when you realize your best friend is in love with your wife? Your brother in law is controlling the streets from prison? And your father’s death was a murder?

Come along on a journey that will simulate your mind, entice your passions and touch a funny bone or two.

The next installment, I’ll begin to introduce you to other authors you may enjoy.

Until the next time,


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