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“Our lead for the next recital will be Sally.”

“What do you mean, Sally?” Sofia screamed.

Joe stood there not believing the words Sofia was calling the girl with the wonderful laugh. During the rehearsal for the dance recital, he was invited to by Sofia, this girl comes walking onto the stage with a smile that lit up the auditorium. She was laughing at something someone said backstage. Right then and their Joe Lassiter was a goner. All thoughts of Sofia faded from his mind. When Sofia finally stopped screaming about the injustice that had been done to her, the girl simply stared at her.

“It’s really not that serious. It’s only one dance.” The girl said.

Joe couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It wasn’t her words, but the look at Sofia when she said it. At that Sofia turned to the judges and began her tirade again. The girl turned and smiled at him. To his surprise, she walked towards him.

“What a wonderful laugh you have. It does something to my insides.” Then she held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Sally Ann. Who are you?”

“Joe Lassiter,” he replied.

“Sally Ann, you better get your behind up here,” Sofia yelled out.

As she turned to go back on stage, she dropped a piece of paper. He picked it up the watched as Sofia said something to Sally Ann. He had a feeling from the look they both gave him that something was said about him. At that point, he couldn’t care less. He had made up his mind, Sally Ann was going to be his. He opened the note and then read it. He looked around for the person the message had come from. When he spotted his teammate, he simply grinned.

“Sorry, that is not going to happen.” Then Joe took a seat and waited.

Once the discussion was all said and done, Joe walked over to Sally Ann, who was now trying to ignore him.

“Sally Ann, can I walk you home?”

“Didn’t I just see you with Sofia?”

“Yes, and?” Joe raised an eyebrow.

“And nothing, Joe Lassiter. That’s what you are going to get from me. I am not to be played with. You step to me, you better step right or you are just wasting your time and mine.”

“I don’t play games and I use my time wisely.” He stepped closer, knowing his body was looming over hers. “And you better believe when I do step to you, it will be on. Right now, I just want to return the note you dropped when you walked away.”

Sally turned two shades of red from embarrassment. She really thought six-ten, one hundred ninety pounds of pure chocolate thunder was hitting on her. She should have known better. When it came to Sofia and her beauty, no other girl in the dance troupe stood a chance at any guys who walked by. Staining her neck to look up at him, she could not help feeling as if she was looking into her future.

“Oh,” she said as she held her hand out for the note. “I’ll take that.” Sally frowned when he put his hand behind his back.

“The note is from Jack Thornton. He wants to know if you will go with him to the game on Friday night. I think you should tell him no.”

Sally grabbed her bag and put it on her shoulder. Here this man stood a good 4 feet taller than her. She should be intimidated, but she was too upset. Her heart kept beating faster every time he spoke to her. Sofia said that he was her boyfriend, and he had the nerve to be smiling down at her. Yep, that made her mad.

 “You read my note?” she growled at him.

 “Yeah.” he shrugged.

“Did it have my name on the outside?”

“It did.”

“Then what gave you the right to open it?”

“For one, it wasn’t sealed. Two, if I didn’t open it how was I supposed to know who it belonged to or where it came from?”

“That gave you no right to read it. It was addressed to me, and you know it.” She held out her hand. “Give me my note, Joe Lassiter.”

 “You like saying my name,” He smiled. “And I like the way it sounds on your lips.”

Sally blushed, then cleared her throat. “May I have my note back please?”

“That depends.”

“On what?” She gave him a sister-girl stare. 

“On your reply to Tony.”

“My reply is none of your business.” Sally beamed.

Joe smiled at her. “You know, those dimples you have are going to keep me up tonight.”

“Just like those thighs of yours will do the same to me.” Sally grabbed the note from him and then turned to walk away.

“If he’s not man enough to ask you out face to face” Joe called out, “he will never be man enough for a woman like you.”

“And you think you are?”

“No. I know I am. In fact, I know I am the only man who will ever have you. And you know it too.”

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