Juneteenth is the day we celebrate our ancestors’ quest for liberation. We must continue the fight for those coming behind us. Some may take this day as a simple time off from work. I dare say, that may be a mistake. We have just as much work to do as our ancestors as they fought years ago for the freedom of enslaved people in this country.

This year is proof we are not as free as we may think. Some are actively trying to whitewash our history. Some states are passing legislation that will make it harder for us to vote. Other states have deemed it against the law to teach our history to students in universities. Yet, others are banning books that mention information regarding the struggles of the past. 

Therefore, it is up to us to ensure the sacrifices of our ancestors were not in vain. We must do all we can to ensure our history is told to our children and our children’s children. We must fight to keep from being pushed back into shackles again. It may not be in the form of iron chains, but we will be cast as a lower class as we were before if we are not careful. Our rights, that lives were lost for us to have, are being stripped away piece by piece. The Board of Education case is in danger of being reversed. Affirmative Action cases are being deemed unconstitutional now. Voting Rights are now being challenged with a vengeance. So, I have to ask…are we truly free? 

It is up to us to FIGHT harder to preserve the freedoms we believe we have, for our children…our future. Juneteenth is a time to celebrate. Yes…by all means, CELEBRATE…But do it with a PURPOSE.

Until the next time,

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