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Focus on 1 Thing

To be successful at anything there is one common thread among successful people. Now, preparer your mind for this concept. Are you ready?????? Here it is. Focus On 1 Thing. When you focus on one significant thing in your life nine times out of ten it will eliminate other things . Here’s an example. When […]


Life is funny. You think you’ve started this hobby of writing and suddenly you find yourself involved in the big business of publishing. Well, it wasn’t really suddenly. I mean it did not happen overnight. However, the little hobby is now a business. Yay, SIRI AUSTIN ENTERTAINMENT LLC. Check us out at: http://www.siriaustin.com. Did I […]

Naughty or Nice?

NAUGHTY OR NICE Is Xavier Naughty or Nice? Post your response by 10 pm est. SINERGY    “What if I undress you with my mouth, kiss every inch of your body, then ravish you until you scream?” He carried her over by the fireplace, which was lit, putting a glow on the room. “I have […]

Game or GAME?

The Final Chapter – October 31, 2011 Just for fun Ladies, are you looking for a way to get your man’s attention while the game is on? I’m going to suggest you offer another sport that is just as invigorating as football. There are no rules and the score depends on him. Here are the […]