SIBLINGS - The Society of Intellectual Beings

In a world where mortal connections are believed to be separated by six degrees, The Society of Intellectual Beings challenges this notion. Within their intertwined bloodlines, the degrees of separation are blurred. A young man, bestowed with divine powers, holds the key to saving humanity from its own destructive path.

When Wade Tyson’s biological parents tragically passed away within a day of each other, a dark conspiracy unravels before him and his brothers. Through his mother’s journals, Wade discovers a realm of inexplicable abilities that lie dormant within him.

Supported by his adopted brothers, Wade delves deeper into his newfound powers and uncovers a link to The Society of Intellectual Beings. Their investigation leads them to a scientist who plans to infiltrate the government using genetically engineered beings. Wade’s brothers, along with other individuals who are connected to powerful positions within the government, were unwitting participants in the same experiment. As they strive to identify their siblings and thwart the sinister scheme, the burden falls on Wade and his untested abilities to prevent the scientist’s murderous plans.

As evil forces grip the nation, the boundaries between reality and the supernatural become increasingly blurred. Time is of the essence, leaving no room for hesitation.

Will the siblings unite to save themselves and dismantle the designs of their creator before it’s too late? The fate of their world hangs in the balance.

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