The Lure of Love

Her life has been an UNBELIEVABLE and INCONCEIVABLE chain of events..
Brandon “BJ” Jamison didn’t get to the height of his career without his fair share of foul balls, home runs, and being a team player. He is from good stock and taught the best things in life come from working hard. For BJ, decisions are not entered into lightly and are strategically considered with a long term goal in mind. So, when a “Bad Call” and “Wild Pitch” send BJ’s world spiraling out of control, it’s Alexis Harrison that brings it home. Alexis Harrison is the first cousin to Attorney General JD Harrison. The Harrison name comes with high expectations due to it being a family of overachievers. When her parents sent her away to college, their expectations were her returning with a degree and all the bragging to go along with it. After a few encounters with a charming athlete, she returned home with many things, but a degree wasn’t one of them. Her life has been an UNBELIEVABLE and INCONCEIVABLE chain of events…just when she believes she’s landed on solid footing, damn if it doesn’t happen again…..this time she comes out swinging! Now Alexis and BJ find themselves caught in a social media frenzy that leads them to the LURE of love.

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