The Book of Timothy: SYMMETRY

Can you have a web without deceit?

Timothy Lassiter is like his father, a quiet, simple man. His priorities are clear. Establish a career to provide for the family he has yet to produce. No complications, that is, until he meets Denise LaSalle and finds himself caught in a web of lies.

Denise LaSalle has discovered her life is a lie. She is not the struggling author with a mind filled with stories of suspense. Those stories are a part of her life. Now she has to open doors to a past she had no idea existed. To help her unravel the web is a man named Timothy. May the gods have mercy on his soul.

Opal Lassiter has a clear path for her life in her mind. Build her career, be self sufficient and live her life without complications.

Grant Hutchison also has his life planned out. It starts, merges, and ends with Opal Lassiter becoming his wife. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine it would lead him down a path of danger. May the gods have mercy on his heart.

Twins Timothy and Opal Lassiter, as they have throughout their lives, turn to each other as they travel down a road called: Symmetry.

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