Propensity For Love

The go to attorney in the country, Vernon E. Brooks, is in unfamiliar territory. He is charged with the murder of his wife. Did he have a motive to kill her…yes. Did he have an opportunity to kill her…yes. Was he the one standing over her body with the murder weapon in his hand…yes. Did he kill her…no. He is being framed. Not only does he have to turn to the brother he betrayed years ago robotics his innocence. He also had to deal with a politically driven prosecutor, who digs up every bit of dirt to prove that Vernon has a propensity for violence.

Enter the sexy ex secret service agent Rene Naverone. They meet when she is issued the task of protecting his at times mischievous pop star daughter. She knows he is attached. She also knows she is tired of the same old song. But there is something about Vernon that makes her sing a different tune. In order to protect her heart and sanity, she issued a decree. Vernon will not be able to enter her fortress, prior to divorce papers being signed. She knows the true man behind the high-powered job and tailor made suits. However, does she know him well enough to prove his innocence?

Drama, suspense, love, revenge, and politics, all unfold to produce the next installment of the Brooks Family.

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