Once You’ve Touched The Heart

Tracy Washington, a young woman from humble beginnings is given an opportunity of a lifetime. Her street-wise brother sends her to an HBCU, which is the perfect escape from her self-absorbed mother. She takes full advantage and starts her own business. While in college she meets J.D. Harrison, he is her roommate’s, now business partner’s brother and her life is never the same.

J.D. Harrison is destined to be an undeniable force in politics, however, his strong sense of integrity and belief in a fair and just system places him in a constant struggle between right and wrong. When he meets nineteen-year-old Tracy, sparks fly, but her age prevents him from showing his feelings. Then fate steps in, the street-wise brother is now a case for the prosecutor, J.D. Harrison. A deal is made and J.D. finds himself connected by a commitment and by the heart to Tracy.

Life would be great if others would accept the love they have. However, Carolyn Roth, the ex-girlfriend of J.D., has her own dreams of becoming the first lady of Virginia. She believes J.D. is the man that can make that happen and she will stop at nothing to make her dream a reality.

Between vengeful women, criminals and other interesting characters, J.D. and Tracy’s lives become a living nightmare.
Enjoy the beginning of The Heart Series with J.D. and Tracy in Once You’ve Touched the Heart.


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