The Book of Luke: Earthquake

The life of his family…his future…his everything is in her hands…the hands of a stranger.

The world knows Luke Lassiter as Earthquake, all-star pro wide receiver. A powerhouse both on the field and between the sheets, Luke leaves women in a frenzy just for a taste of the sexy Lassiter. Little does anyone know he has an intimate relationship with the United States government as a classified secret weapon.

Sasha Coles lived a simple life. In the blink of an eye that all changed for the United Nations translator. Family ties she thought were permanently severed surface. Sasha finds herself whisked into a life brimming with fast-paced action, suspense, and the threat on her emotions when she meets the irresistible Luke Lassiter.

The attraction between the two is immediate and addictive as Luke discovers an uninhibited woman who needs the love of family. Sasha sees a man with layers no one has dared to unearth and wonders what will be uncovered if she digs deeper.

Luke needs her special skills to protect his family. Sasha needs his love to accept her family. Will the family ties bond them together or will the danger separate them forever?

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