Xavier Davenport creates homes and communities for underprivileged families. His goal was clear. Make his brother proud by reaching out to help others. Women were for fun, period. That was until he witness the passion of his brothers’ marriage. Xavier wanted the same for himself. His first step into a serious relationship turn out bad with a capital B. The woman, was beautiful, smart and sexy. The sex was good…but…there was no passion.

In walks Nicole Brooks.

With a multi-billion dollar deal on the table that will establish her in the international real estate world, Nicole Brooks has no time for drama. As a member of one of the wealthiest families in the country, her life is spread out on the front pages of magazines, variety television and blogs. The last thing she needs is a scandal… Xavier Davenport.

Now…there is sensuous…sexy…even scandalous. When architect, Xavier Davenport meets real estate developer, Nicole Brooks they cross the line of all three to create a new word in sexual tension: Sinergy.

The problem? Woman-Money-Media.
To add to the mix, Xavier and Nicole are in the crosshair of someone out to destroy the Brooks’ name and they are taking no prisoners.

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