Ruby...Red Slippers & All

A Lassiter Novella

Ruby Lassiter has spent her life taking care of others. Helping to raise her siblings took all her time and energy. Now they are grown, some married with children and all living their lives. Ruby is now thirty-seven years old, experiencing empty nest syndrome. No she never married and has no children of her own. What is she supposed to do with her life now?

Devin Upton moved back home to settle his father’s estate. Taking over his father’s business was one thing. Fulfilling his father’s dying request was another. It was up to him to find the right person to bring the plan to fruition. At thirty-eight, never married and no children, love was the last thing on his mind.

An angry woman bursting through the door and literally knocking him to his knees changed that.

Christmas magic is in the air. Love is all around. Anything…anything can happen when red slippers are involved.

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