Private Stock

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Cainan Scott has come to the end of the road. The people looking to kill him have discovered his location. The witness Protection Program has done all they could. He now has to walk away to save the woman he loves. 

AnnieMarie has waited all her life for a love like her parent’s. To save someone’s life the man she loves exposed himself to criminals he was scheduled to testify against. Now they want him dead. The emotions are high from the murder of her father to the kidnapping of her sister and now the betrayal of a family member. 

The emotional bank is now overdrawn for Cainan and AnnieMarie. Will they cut their losses and go their separate ways Or will they make a withdrawal from love’s Private Stock?

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18 reviews for Private Stock

  1. Tanya Johnson

    Great Book

  2. LaShon Hawkes (verified owner)

    I couldn’t put this book down. There was so much excitement and I wanted to see what was going to happen next. All of the Dunnings played major roles and the plot just got thicker and thicker! AnnieMarie was not to be messed with and neither were her brothers or sister. All I can say is if you have not read this series start from the beginning and read all three books! You won’t be disappointed. Hats off to Iris Bolling !!!!

  3. Sandra Pryor (verified owner)

    Every time I think Ms. Bolling has reached a pinnacle in her imagination and writing skill, she surpasses her last book. But, this one went to a whole new level.

    If I tried to decide what scene kept me glued to this book, it would be impossible. I ran the gambit of emotions, from sadness, to anger, lustful thoughts and belly aching laughter. I am so glad I was off work these two days. I could lost my job because this book was too good to put down.

    Because, Ms. Bolling has so many irons in the fire, I get frustrated because she does not publish new books as often as I like. But, then a book will come out like Private Stock, and you realize it was worth the wait. The hair perm scene with AnnieMarie had me on the floor. That was only surpassed by the scene with Jonathan and the cargo plane. I am looking forward to her next book. I know this is a trilogy, but Gina, Gary and Mike just have to have their story, along with Jerome. Hoping for a continuation of News With Curves.

  4. Kim Paynes (verified owner)

    Whew! A great read with those unexpected highlights that are now an Iris Bolling trademark. As mentioned at release date, you are going to need a reading buddy! In between the tense moments, intimate scenes, action packed moments and rolling on the floor laughing, you will want to share ideas. My final thoughts are “I want to be Winnieford Dunning when I grow up!”

  5. GWENDOLYN FOSTER-STEEN (verified owner)

    Another masterpiece Miss Iris. You continue to amaze me with your imagination. “Private Stock” was absolutely a page turner. Romance, fun-filled, mystery, love for/of family, and drama was certainly not missing. Cainan and AnneMarie were welded together perfectly. I was praying that Cainan was kept safe. An intense but perfect ending for them.
    I took my time reading to savor your flare of writing and connecting your characters & their storylines.
    There was much going on, but not so that I couldn’t follow. I was on the edge of my seat each time another obstacle or road block came up.
    The scene at the club was a great addition & way to include a little fun. Boom! Jonathan’s dad gets his ass kicked. I figured Kenny was the leak and an asshole, when he 1st entered the story. Gina was just hilarious, sassy, and blunt. She was good for the ego of Preston. Plus, she kept the Dunning siblings honest in a more down to earth way. I’m glad she was able to show case her talents and smarts. I still have my suspicions on Judy Ann, the new house manager for AnnMarie. The comment she made/agreed that something she cooked was “to die for”. Something is not right.

    Miss Iris, you’ve got plenty of stories left with this family. Preston & Gina, Mike & Serena, Gary & Sydney, Monica’s new life, and of course Winnie & Jerome.
    I can’t wait for your next novel or novella (hint hint)
    Keep putting it out and I will continue to purchase & read.
    #I♥️and supportblackauthors

  6. Angelinia Gillard (verified owner)

    Miss Iris you have done it again I could not put this book down please please don’t wait too long to write another one

  7. Velva Seay (verified owner)

    When are they going to learn? You just do not mess with the Dunnings, friends and family. They always need to spanked and spanked well. The action, the fun and comradery as usual is front and center. I loved getting to know more about AnnieMarie and Cainan. AnnieMarie is a stylish, special woman just like her Mom and Grace. The club scene was so much fun. I loved the way they closed ranks on Preston to make him know he is family. Gina is a firecracker of massive sparks. As usual Ms. Iris has given us a lot to work with and wonder what is next and I can’t wait. I deginitely recommend this trilogy.

  8. Martha Spearman Ruff (verified owner)

    This book was off the charts good!!!
    Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely love this series and I really hate that this series has come to an end. AnnieMarie was more than just the baby of the family… she was a true boss that made BOSS moves!!!
    It was nice seeing Rachel Fontaine in the story.

  9. Shirley Jones (verified owner)

    Your books always blow me away! I think your characters are supposed to be one way and you come in and blow that out of the water! From the beginning to the end,this book kept me enthralled! I love it!!

  10. Mae Campbell (verified owner)

    I loved this story in so many ways. Keep writing about this strong black family so that I can continue to cry, smile and laugh with them. Please don’t wait to long. As always love me some Iris!!!!

  11. Toni Bonita Robinson (verified owner)

    Just when you think Iris Bolling can’t shock you anymore, I will be dang if she doesn’t do it. The slogan “Family Integrity First and Foremost” is very evident in Private Stock. There is butt-kicking, thrown bodies, jap slapping, bar fights and a great deal more all in the name of family. I know there is more to come. Keep them coming Ms. Iris.

  12. Angela Lane (verified owner)

    Just when I thought Ms. Iris couldn’t pull me in deeper, SHE DID! I tried to read this book slowly because I didn’t want it to end but couldn’t wait to see what happened next AND you left me wanting soooo much more. This family is great but AnnMarie is THAT “Hood” Boss…LOL…I can’t wait to see what happens next Ms. Iris.

  13. Tanya

    The book was awesome. AnnMarie had on the floor, I was cracking up. All your books are so good. I can’t wait for the next one. Please don’t keep us waiting.

  14. J. B. Williams (verified owner)

    Well Worth The Wait
    I am so happy for this third book. Lots of questions answered still more to come. I loved all these characters and how they interacted. Iris Bolling is a masterful writer. Great stories and well planned Plots. A must read. And Highly Recommended. If You Love Romance, Suspense, Mystery, and Great Plots this Book is for you.

  15. Denassa Cummings

    Just wonderful. Really Ms Bolling you left me hanging? Cannot wait unto the next book. You are a wonderful writer.

  16. Ms T

    This is book was so good. That AnnMaria, she don’t play. You mess with her she gets you back when you lease expect it. The series is so good. I can’t wait to see when Jerome and Winnieford get together. It is going to be a power punch!

  17. Shun

    The final installation was magnificent. You laugh, cry, and cheer the whole way through. Winnie and Grace were a total hoot. I haven’t laughed so much from a story in a long time. If you are looking for a great storyline be sure to check out the series.

  18. V.harris

    Just tuned in to this author. Yes a total hoot with a wonderful family story line. Please I need the Winnie/ Jerome story. Both deserve one. This mother is off the chain. I now call “my Winnie moment”
    When I amready to kick butt.
    Thanks for the 3 but please continue this series.
    A new fan!

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