Closer To My Dreams

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Singer, Taylor Brooks, the baby of the Brooks’ family dynasty, has had more drama in her life than any one person should have to endure. Her mother was murdered, her father was charged with homicide, and the court trial exposed her sex life. To keep her sanity intact, she stepped away from the limelight and the man she loved. Now, she is ready for a comeback on both fronts. Gone is the young performer the world knew as Lil Tay. Emerging is the grown and sultry singer, Taylor. The young love she experienced with Jason Whitfield was now something she knew could last forever.

Rising NBA star, Jason Whitfield, is living the life.  A multi-million dollar contract, women, and non-stop benefits from being a professional athlete. Wrong…Behind the scenes, he is dealing with family members who think he is their personal ATM, while others think he’s a sell-out for seeking a better life. When he met Taylor Brooks, they were both young and at the beginning of their professional careers. To say they both fell deeply in love would be an understatement. However, youthful mistakes and life issues tore them apart. Now, all Jason longs for is a deeper connection with Taylor.

As Jason and Taylor decide to make their relationship a priority, neither anticipated the family drama, that would bring top ratings to any network looking for a reality show. Will the love birds capture their dream or will the family drama derail them?

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12 reviews for Closer To My Dreams

  1. Celine BR (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling never disappoints…this book was so good👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    I laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoyed the story. It was a great read from beginning to end…I didn’t want it to end lol. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Can we have a part 2? lol 😂 ❤️

  2. Angelinia Q Gilliard (verified owner)

    Ours never disappoint now I’m waiting on James Jr Story how long is it going to take I didn’t want this book to end it was so good

  3. LaShon (verified owner)

    What a way to start off the year! We have been waiting for Taylor & Jason’s story and this was a real treat! I laughed (hard), got emotional at times! Talk about family drama — all I can say is some family ain’t family! Iris gave us another 5 star read and the cover is beautiful! Can’t wait to get it for my bookshelf! Highly recommend! Get your copy…as Vernon said “make it happen “!

  4. Velva Seay (verified owner)

    Taylor and Jason finally we have their story. I love seeing how they’ve grown. They are finally at that stage that they are ready for their grown up agenda. I really enjoyed meeting Jason’s family. Although he’s full of it I liked his Uncle George. His family is real just like the Brooks. It seemed so many wanted to get a piece of their pie but they weren’t having it and neither were their posse. Wonderful story.

  5. Myrlita Clark (verified owner)

    Mrs Iris you never disappoint Taylor and Jason story was a long awaited and greatly anticipated. This book was well worth the anticipation and wait

  6. Beverly A. Scrutchions (verified owner)

    Taylor and Jason’s story was well worth the wait. It was such a joy. Seeing how they’ve grown up I’m especially proud of the man that Jason grew up to be.😅 I have to admit he had me a bit concerned in some of the earlier books 😅 ❤️ Taylor was everything I expected her to be as the next generation Brooks women, ,business savvy, Fearles, defender of the man she loved and classy ❤️.
    There story was everything I had hoped for and more. The number of people who plotted against them had no idea what a force they were going up against. Whew and James Jr handled business as smoothly as his father would have. ☺️. This was such a wonderful read I could go on and on but I won’t. My only disappointment was that the paperback wasn’t available to add to my Brooks family collection ☺️.

  7. Shun (verified owner)

    Taylor & Jason’s journey and ultimate love story was so worth the wait. Iris has done it again and put together a book that gave us everything including the kitchen sink. You will laugh, cheer, cry and catch up with your favorite characters. The love displayed on the pages of this book will touch a special place in your heart and make you keep coming back for more.

  8. Cynthia Medley (verified owner)

    What an EXCELLENT way to begin the new year than with and Iris Bolling release! I really enjoyed Jason and Taylor’s book! They were everything I imagined them to be once they came into themselves. I loved the family dynamics. This book mad me laugh at the antics, get angry at some family members, and sigh at the beauty of their love. I can’t wait to see who is next. James Jr? Reggie? Bobby? The possibilities are endless. A job well done!

  9. Mia Boone

    Mrs. Iris, I don’t know how many times I am going to tell you this, but you are the WOMAN. Closer To My Dream was so good. This is definitely the way to start the year. It lets me know that the books to come are going to take us on the most amazing ride. Closer gave us everything from Uncle George and his antics, the lowdowness of Ruler and Red, and then the sexy smoothness of Ty Pendleton. Jesus!!! But I digress….. Jason and Taylor are true love personified. they have each other’s back and can’t no one penetrate their bond. I will be on pins and needles waiting to see who is next. You always throw tidbits and breadcrumbs that have your fans racking their brains trying to guess. I can’t remember how I discovered you 2022, but I am so happy that I did. Hopefully, we will get a story about Tucker as well as James Jr., Reggie, Bobby, and JC. this year or next. YOU ARE BLACK EXCELLENCE IRIS BOLLING and hear is a standing ovation.

  10. Veda B (verified owner)

    Iris Bolling did it again! Closer to my Dreams was so well written! Excellent story of family, friendship and love. It was wonderful to watch Taylor and Jason grow as a couple. The book took you through the ups and downs of family and the ones we call family. You will laugh, cry, and rejoice. Remember – all family ain’t family!!

  11. Takelia Sewell (verified owner)

    Best Romance! Taylor and Jason were the cutest couple. My favorite scene was Jason’s lesson from Vernon. Great book from start to finish. I feel as if the development of this story line will be in another book.

  12. Gwendolyn R Foster Steen (verified owner)

    I expected nothing less. You know how to transport a rider into your stories. Jason and Taylor’s love story was well written. I enjoyed reading their ride into full adult-hood and the unconditional love they had for each other. The meeting of Jason’s mother, father, and brother by Taylor was comfortable and and oh so sweet.
    The advice that each received from Kiki, Ty, and Vernon respectively about including each in the decision making of their lives, was perfect. And Vernon’s talk with Jason, letting him know that he had him equally.

    I can’t wait for your next book! I know that it will be a journey.

    Kin folk is not always family you can trust, believe, and have around you. That was evident from one of Jason’s cousin and an uncle, but it did not deter Taylor from sticking by her man. In fact, I enjoyed the fear that Rene put in Uncle George, after their initial meeting, after the fiasco from the barbeque caused by cousin Rule.

    I loved the intimacy of their wedding. I could just imagine the scene. It was fitting that they just wanted the closeness of family and not the world in their business, since they had lives that exposed them each to the world.

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