Is Xavier Naughty or Nice?

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“What if I undress you with my mouth, kiss every inch of your body, then ravish you until you scream?”

He carried her over by the fireplace, which was lit, putting a glow on the room. “I have another idea.” He peeled her leather jacket off, dropping it to the floor. “To show you how forgiving I am-” he pulled off her boots, “-I’m treating you tonight.” Next he pulled her sweater over her head, leaving her standing there in tight jeans and a black lace bra. Xavier dropped to his knees, then pulled her to him. The first kiss landed on her navel, as his hand unzipped her jeans. His tongue dipped into the crevice of her navel. His hands traveled inside the back of the jeans, then down the back of her thighs as the material uncovered her, revealing black lace panties.

He sat back on his haunches and slowly took in her body from head to toe. He pulled the blanket from the back of the chair, and spread it out on the floor in front of the fire, which crackled in the background. He placed one arm around her waist and the other under her knees, then placed her gently on the blanket. Standing above her he slowly began to undress. The jacket was thrown to the side. His sweater was next, revealing each ripple of his six-pack, one at a time. The sweater was thrown to the side pulling his braids, causing them to cascade around his broad shoulders. Then he unzipped his jeans, stepped out leaving his arousal standing proud and erect. His dreamy brown eyes held hers as he took a single red rose from the vase above the fireplace. “Welcome into my dream Nicole Brooks.”

With the bud of the rose, he drew a straight line from the tip of her nose, down her cheek, between her breasts, down her stomach, between her legs, down her thighs, then tickled the bottoms of her feet. “Allow me to introduce you to my fantasy.”

Taking the rose petals from the stem, one by one, he dropped them onto her body, until the sweet fragrance filled his nostrils. He knelt between her legs and was overwhelmed by the mixture of her scent and the roses. He stretched out on the floor between her legs. “You know, one of the most sensuous things about a woman is her unique scent.” He pulled her pants down her legs. “Your scent sends my testosterone into overdrive.” He licked his fore finger then touched her bud. Her body jerked. “Sensitive. I like that.” His long, thick finger dipped inside of her. He pulled it out, then sucked it. “You are so sweet.” Spreading her legs, he held her thighs down, licked her from top to bottom then dove in. His hand massaged her inner thigh as he gave her the tongue lashing, he hoped, of her life.

Nicole couldn’t believe the sensations the rose petals were having against her skin. It felt as if she had been blanketed with silk. As each petal dropped Xavier’s eyes darkened. Was it the feel of the petals or the look of pure desire in his eyes that was causing her body to react as if she had been caressed? She didn’t know. Then his wet finger touched her and the blood began to pump furiously throughout her body. When he replaced his finger with his tongue, lavishing her, all senses flared to attention, relieving her of all control. Blood whooshed through her mind as if she were in a wind tunnel. Everything went blank for seconds, then slowly returned.

Xavier lay there on his elbows watching her body react to his assault. He decided then and there, nothing was more beautiful than Nicole when her body exploded…nothing.

Reaching for his jeans, he pulled out a condom, slid it on then braced his arms on both sides of her easing into her pulsating inner lips. No other part of their bodies touched as he withdrew, then eased in again. Looking down at her, he knew there would never be anyone else for him.


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