He needs her…She wants him…What could go wrong?

Cameo Rawlings, the sexy new CEO of Palmer Innovations is determined to represent the city and The Mr. Black Organization with class. With his not-so-pristine past, it was imperative that he succeed in raising awareness of the rich Black culture of the city. He was going to need a polished look and a professional event planner to make the Juneteenth celebration a success. He knows who he needs, but…the last encounter with the woman was less than pleasant.

Syndia James wants the Manager of City Cultural Events position. As one of the city event planners, she needs something big to put her over the top. The Juneteenth celebration could be her ticket to the position of her dreams. Only, she had to work with Cameo Rawlings, with his Take Me As I Am or don’t take me at all attitude. Hell, she was going to have to forget that disastrous blind date and play nice to get what she wants.

Working together creates a sensuous atmosphere that neither knew existed. Cameo learns Syndia’s sassy, sophisticated way is the inspiration he needs. Syndia soon realizes Cameo’s arrogant, take-charge way is the love that she wants.

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.

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