The best cure for a ‘Momma’s boy’ is a Lassiter sister.
The best cure for a ‘Momma’s boy’ is a Lassiter sister.

The Lassiter Sister

Jade Lassiter, fresh off a prestigious award for public service in journalism, receives an offer she cannot refuse. The life-changing decision leads her away from the security of her family and the footprint of larger-than-life brothers and sisters. Jade makes the decision to follow her passion to dance. The odds of success are against her, but hey, she is a Lassiter, damn it. Lassiter’s can make anything happen… right?

The Momma’s Boy

Blake Thornton. voted the sexiest man alive for three years in a row, is living the life of fame, and fortune, with women from coast to coast at his beck and call. Then he realizes that fame and fortune do not equal happiness. A child star turned adult heartthrob brings its own set of problems. His overbearing mother is willing to take out anyone—anyone who threatens to intervene in her control of her son, especially if their last name happens to be Lassiter.

The Conundrum

The past is threatening to interfere with the future when a dance between Blake and Jade exposes an attraction, they were fighting for ten years. The two open their hearts, their bodies, and their souls to each other. When Blake’s mother finds the two together all hell breaks loose. Several attempts made on Jade’s life cause Blake to think his mother has gone too far.

Can the chemistry between Blake and Jade turn into something more…something that is strong enough to save both of their lives?

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