Hello Everyone;

Please give me a moment of your time. It is my pleasure to introduce my publicist, Heather Marable to you. Heather and I worked together for a number of years and I am proud and excited to have her joining me on this journey. I will never forget the first time I met the woman with a spirit and drive that matched my own. I remember thinking this girl is going places.  With a kind heart and undying loyalty she won me over  for life. You know how you have a friend you can go days, sometimes weeks without talking to them, then all of a sudden you both are picking up the telephone just to say “Hey, I was thinking about you.” From there the conversation takes off as if you had just talked yesterday. That’s what we have. Heather, supports, encourage and hold my hand when I’m in need. She has a habit of telling me the things I don’t want to hear as well as the things I enjoy hearing. We have a bond that goes beyond business, it’s a friendship of a lifetime. You will be hearing from Heather soon with upcoming news about The Heart Series and much more. Please take a moment to welcome Hearther aboard. With her connections in New York, Atlanta, Miami and Jamica, we might be in for a very interesting ride. I’m ready. Are you?


BTW – You can check Heather out on FaceBook. Find her, make her your friend.

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