1. What is the BookFunnel App?

Ans. The Book Funnel app allows you to download a book to your Android device or Kindle Fire wirelessly. It is not required, but it does make the download process faster and simpler. It has no ads, no tracking, and no pop-ups.

2. I purchased the book, but I don’t have a code, where do I get one?

Ans.  A separate email is sent to you from BookFunnel. This email contains your download link. With this one link, you can download your book on four different devices. If you purchased an ebook and did not receive an email from BookFunnel with your download link, you can get your book from your BookFunnel library: my.BookFunnel.com. Your email address is your login. If you purchased the ebook with your PayPal account, your login will be your primary PayPal email address.

3. I tried downloading to my kindle but the book isn't showing up in my library. where is it?

Ans. It is likely in your Documents. Sometimes turning your device off and on will get it to show up in the Library. If this doesn’t work, we recommend you access your Book Funnel Library (it should already be an app on your Kindle) and read the book there. If you need to access your Book Funnel Library from another device, log in at my.bookfunnel.com and send the book to your Kindle Cloud. 

4. What reading device options do i have?

Ans. You can download the book to your desktop, iPad, or reading apps such as Overdrive, Google Play Books, Kobo, iBooks, and Kindle. If you have an Android phone, make sure you have the Book Funnel app downloaded.

5. Do I need the book funnel app in order to get my book?

Ans. Yes and No. If you are downloading on an Apple product (i.e. iPhone or iPad) then no you do not. If you are downloading from an Android or Kindle device then YES you will need the BookFunnel app to download (please see the Android Announcement in the Palace for further explanation).

5. Will the book be available on Amazon, Nook, or iBooks?

Ans. Yes. The books will be released on other eBook platforms following a 30, 60, and 90-day release schedule. Until then, you will only be able to purchase the book from my website.

6. I am having trouble downloading the book, how do I get assistance?

Ans. Send an email to help@bookfunnel.com or fill out a help request directly from the BookFunnel website and a member of their team will respond within 24 hours.

7. In what order were the books released?

1. Once You’ve Touched The Heart

2. The Heart of Him

3. Look Into My Heart

4. A Heart Divided

5. A Lost Heart

6. Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate

7. The Heart

8. Teach Me

9. The Pendleton Rule

10. The Book of Joshua I – Trust

11. The Book of Joshua II – Believe 

12. Sinergy

13. A Lassiter’s Christmas

14. Fatal Mistake

15. Propensity For Love

16. Ruby…Red Slippers & All

17. The Book of Adam – Hypnotic

18. One Spark of Magic

19. Songbird

20. Invested

21. The Book of Timothy – Symmetry

22. Phire: I’m Just Saying

23. The Heart Always Wins

24. News With Curves

25. A Brooks’ Thanksgiving

26. The Justice of Love

27. Banking on Love

28. The Book of Matthew: Adonis

29. Flames of Passion

30. Private Stock

31. A Piece of Her Heart

32. The Lure of Love

33. Hearts United -The Re-Election 

34. Jade

35. The Aftermath

36. S.I.B.s – The Society of Intellectual Beings

**The above book listing is by sequence of release date; not by book series.**

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