When the law breaks the law, the consequences can be deadly!!!

Detective Nate Reigns and Federal Prosecutor Attorney, Skylar Burrell find themselves in a conundrum. Nate discovers the murder of his friend, prosecutor Alex Burnette, is connected to something larger than a simple murder. With Skylar’s help, he discovers a connection to the deaths of several prosecutors from other jurisdictions.

Nate and Skylar uncover proof that an organization, P.I.E, is responsible for a variety of deaths. P.I.E.’s evil agenda has national implications. They must be stopped; however, the P.I.E organization is more powerful than anticipated. The organization have infiltrated the police department, the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, and the local judicial system. To make matters worse, Nate discovers, their reach extends to the United States Congress.

It is up to Nate to expose and prove their evil intent. But the question is…to who?

Not knowing who to trust, Nate and his small circle of associates try to determine who is friend and who is foe, while fighting to stop the P.I.E. organization from pushing their agenda forward.  The riveting response from top-ranking political figures has Nate and his associates, running from their lives. With no public support from the top brass in the police department, Nate, alone has to deal with the Backlash.


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