Family is not always determined by blood…Sometimes it’s found in the people you love.
Lawrence ‘LT” Palmer came from humble beginnings. Contrary to his past, LT is now a self-made billionaire, the mayor of a large metropolitan city, and about to marry the love of his life, Sapphire “Phire” Lassiter.

Sapphire, the sassy-mouthed baby girl of a family of twelve children, brought life, passion, and love into his world. She is his inspiration for the games he designs and his biggest supporter as mayor. However, her wish for their wedding day is something he is not sure he can deliver.

Sapphire Lassiter has connections all the way to the White House. She has the ability to make things happen and people disappear. However, at this moment she has two goals. One is to marry LT Palmer, the other is to have his and her family together supporting them on their wedding day. Unfortunately, two of LT’s half-siblings interfere in her dream. They go too far when their cruelty touches LT’s grandmother. For Sapphire, all bets are off for a friendly-family gathering. Rather than striking back with her fists, which is her usual reaction, Sapphire counteracts with a vengeance that is life-changing for many.

Will LT and Sapphire make it to the altar before one of them end up behind bars? No one is certain as the wedding of the century turns into…A Risky Affair.

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