A Piece of Her Heart

Monique Day, a clandestine agent with the CIA is assigned a case that appeared to be singular in nature and simple. She successfully completes the mission only to find another similar case is waiting for her when she gets home. As it turns out, someone is targeting relatives of the current administration. The next target is Grayson Davenport, brother of the Director of Homeland Security.

As a clandestine member of the Department of Homeland Security, Grayson Davenport from time to time uses his position as Director of the Davenport Foundation as a perfect front for assignments amongst the rich and powerful people he socializes with. His current mission is to uncover information regarding a conspiracy against the administration. To his surprise he finds himself a target of the conspiracy. The person assigned to protect him is a woman.

The moment they meet the heat between Grayson and Monique is instantaneous. Sparks fly causing them both to lose track of their mission. Monique knew this pretty man could never handle a woman like her. Just as Grayson knew this woman could not hold an intelligent conversation with him. Neither understood their reaction to each other, or the danger that had entered their lives. Now, Grayson and Monique must fight forces who are attempting to destroy the current administration, together. While Grayson is protecting her, Monique is protecting her heart from him.

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