A Lassiter's Christmas

How long will you wait for the love of your life to say yes?

Pearl Lassiter disgraced her parents while in high school. She vowed never to disappoint them again. She’s excelled in life even becoming one of the most recognized women in the country as Press Secretary to the President of the United States. The life she always wanted is hers…until a certain doctor proposes to her…. twice.

Dr. Theodore Prentiss is the product of a bi-racial marriage and proud of it. He openly embraces both of his parent’s heritages and is very proud of his accomplishments. The path he thought was firmly set changes on a snowy night when he meets a vixen with a mean crowbar.

Their lives are filled with possibilities, if Theo can get Pearl to believe in the magic of love.

Simple right…NOT

She’s a Democrat. He’s a Republican. Will the political divide keep these star-crossed lovers from forming a united front?

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