A lassiter wedding series

An International Affair
The Lassiter siblings have been blessed with an internal detector identified
as the love gene. Now, that they have found love, one obstacle after another is threatening their happy ever after….

Luke Lassiter is determined to give his fiancé Sasha Coles the perfect wedding on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Now that Luke has won over Sasha’s heart, he wants to protect her peace of mind.
Between planning a destination wedding and trying to protect her newfound family from her mother, Sasha is at her wit’s end.
The only way to get Stephanie from between them to have their happy ever after may be throwing her overboard, however, that could lead to An International Affair.

A Risky Affair
Family is not always determined by blood…Sometimes it’s found in the
people you love.

Lawrence ‘LT” Palmer came from humble beginnings. Contrary to his past, LT is now a self-made billionaire, the mayor of a large metropolitan city, and about to marry the love of his life, Sapphire “Phire” Lassiter.
Sapphire, the sassy-mouthed baby girl of a family of twelve children, brought life, passion, and love into his world. However, her wish for their wedding day is something he is not sure he can deliver.
Will LT and Sapphire make it to the altar before one of them end up behind bars? No one is certain as the wedding of the century turns into…A Risky Affair.

A Family Affair
With the quiet ones, expect the UNEXPECTED…

Sexy high-school teacher Matthew Lassiter has found the woman of his dreams. She loves and understands his desire for the simple life of mentoring teens.
Leah Saxton is beautiful, loving, a computer engineer, and one hell of a cook. Meeting Matthew Lassiter was the best thing to ever happen to her.
Will Matt and Leah make it to the altar without ending up with an attempted murder charge???? Only the attendees will know for sure as they witness the antics of A Family Affair.

A Christmas Affair
Christmas is the time when wishes come true. Be careful what you ask for.

I fell in love with you at a wedding. Now we are here, at our wedding in Connecticut on Christmas Day. The setting is perfect, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Jade Estelle Lassiter
It took you knocking me on my ass to realize you were always the one. My heart, my mind, my body – the very soul of me is yours forever and always.
Blake Everett Thornton
Those Lassiters have been a thorn in my side. This wedding will only take place over my dead body.
Sofia Thornton
Your wish is my command. Kill her.

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