A Brooks' Thanksgiving

Holidays are always challenging.

The values of the prestigious Brooks family is at stake when drama enters into the festivities as relatives and love ones arrive.

Beginning with the NBA star Jason Whitfield and his wanna-be baby momma, who has her irons in the fire for singing sensation, Taylor Brooks. As Taylor struggles to find her place in the music industry, her cousin James Brooks Jr. announce his intentions to enter law school. The family is thrilled. That sentiment changes when he adds his plans to marry Princess Zsa Zsa Ashro to the mix. Certain members of the family are now conspiring to thwart his plans

And finally, the purpose of the gathering, the wedding of Vernon Brooks to Rene Naverone is compromised, as her team-member Genesis insist on conducting an FBI investigation into the girlfriend of her soon to be brother-in-law.


A Brooks’ Thanksgiving begins with a brawl, climax to a wedding and end in an arrest. A traditional family gathering, sprinkled with a touch of true love.

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